No more Prime Gaming for World of Tanks?

Thanks to R.Fox for the email.

Take this with a grain of salt.

„I knew something was up when the Amazon Prime Gaming connection with World of Tanks didn’t show up yesterday or today. So I contacted Amazon Prime Gaming’s support this morning and yup, guess what? AMAZON PRIME GAMING HAS DROPPED THE RELATIONSHIP WITH WOT.

Me [6:22:56 AM] : It almost looks like Amazon has dropped World of Tanks? Amazon extended the last monthly package by two weeks and then poof! the whole connection has now disappeared.

Amazon [6:25:15 AM] : I understand you want to get your reward on World of tanks , Upon checking here, World of tanks is no longer available in Prime gaming.

This can be confirmed with Amazon Prime Gaming.”

18 thoughts on “No more Prime Gaming for World of Tanks?

  1. Hello, i have contact with amazon prime gaming, and the first thing that they have said is..” we can´t confirm this, because this will be only confirmed by the game owner ( Wargaming in this case)..
    We never give this information to our customers..

    I have raise a ticket to ww, and now waiting for their answer..

  2. This comes rather surprising.
    Perhaps they didn’t renew the contract since they want to change the stuff?
    Or WG just figures they dont want anymore…

    I figure amazon has the longer leaver but they dont do anything and get benefits from a rather popular franchise… – i mean they just secured a deal with Arnold which makes for fine press…

  3. Just checked mine, and it’s still connected.
    Disconnected it, reconnected it, it works.
    Don’t know what kind of issues you have on your end

  4. I doubt that this would happen on such short notice. WarGaming even created content for 2 further Prime events (Schwarzenegger and the Viking themed bundle). They would not put time and money into it and then let it waste.

  5. I wouldn’t take too seriously. It’s just a support agent talking and he may be thinking about the Creepin’ It Real bundle, that is unavailable now.

  6. Prime Gaming JUST RELEASED (17 December) a drop for World of Warships. So I seriously doubt that the relationship has been terminated.

    If anything, it was a possible connectivity issue between the two companies. As Freya261 said, there has already been leaked the next WoT Prime Gaming package components.

  7. Hmm… Thing is, I already missed the WoT connection with Prime Gaming a few days ago. I was surprised as it would usually still keep that page so you could check what did you miss, but I can’t find it.

  8. I think it’s wrong information I just claimed World of warships new prime gaming loot. The WoT loot was available until 15th of December. So therefore you can’t find it anymore

  9. The information is correct. The interpretation of the information is likely wrong.

    Two WoT NA staff have stated that there is a pause between the end of the ‘Creepin’ it Real’ bundle and the Arnie themed bundle.

    It is probable that the Prime information was driectly correct as the current bundle had finished.

    There is exactly the same post on the NA forum.

    1. Which two? More likely the recent AWS issues that took down Twitch, Netflix and DoorDash also took out connectivity between WG and AWS’s Prime Gaming. And they are trying to re-establish all the connections.

      Seems that some here and elsewhere are getting mixed results when they check to see if their existing connections are still working (Mine shows as still connected to WoT and WoW just had a Prime Gaming package on the 17th of December which worked). The connection was buggy as was. No doubt the AWS issues didn’t help that much.

      At least IMO.

  10. Something similiar happened 2 years ago when it was the first year of wot prime drops. They gave the same box of for 2 months and then they renewed contracton January.. A similiar thing can happen maybe.. I hope at least..

  11. All I know is that when I search Prime Gaming for “World of” the only game that comes back in World of Worships and World of Warships: Legends. World of Tanks is not even visible anymore and I would expect the game to at least still be visible even if it isn’t updated… but then again I haven’t been happy with some of the changes made lately in the game either so if Prime Drops are gone then I might not be around much longer.

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