WoT Battle Pass Season VI: Last Chance to Spend Tokens

Source: EU Portal

While Battle Pass Season VI may have ended, the “Items for Tokens” section of the in-game Store remains open until December 19 at 23:59 CET (UTC+1). Grab your rare reward tanks and in-game assets for Tokens before they disappear. Once the “Items for Tokens” section closes, all unspent Tokens will be converted to bonds at the rate of 1:100.

Time remaining
3 d. | 16 : 36 : 59

Exclusive Reward Tanks and More!

You can exchange Tokens for valuable game assets and five unique Tier IX vehicles, each of which you can learn about below.

Items that can be purchased for Tokens:

Item Cost
IX Kunze Panzer 18
IX K-91-PT 12
IX Char Futur 4 9
IX AE Phase I 9
IX Object 777 Version II 9
100 1
2 Personal Reserves (+50% to credits for 1 hour) 1

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