New World of Tanks Model Kits From Revell

Source: EU Portal

We are happy to announce a brand-new partnership with one of the leading model kit makers in the world. The Revell brand stands for building the world in miniature and sharing a fascination for detail and skilled craftsmanship. World of Tanks has teamed up with Revell to create a new line of detailed tank models for model makers of all ages.

Bring some of your favorite vehicles from the game to life as faithful representations with many important details and high-quality workmanship. Advanced and professional model builders will appreciate features like injection-molded tracks with individual links and sections, rotatable turrets with height-adjustable cannons, and decals for original World of Tanks styles. While kids and beginners can find quick success with the innovative easy-click system, where multi-colored, precisely manufactured components are stably connected by simply plugging them together.

The new models are already available in selected retail stores throughout Europe and the official Revell online store.


Every kit includes a high-quality model, a unique bonus code, and a World of Tanks invite code to share. Expand your tank collection today with classics and fan-favorites, like the Sturmgeschütz IV, Tiger II Ausf. B “Königstiger”, Cromwell Mk. IV, SU-100, T-34, and many more!

You can also find a selection of models in the Wargaming Store.

3 thoughts on “New World of Tanks Model Kits From Revell

  1. Those are all existing kits, with new box, new decals and with a (bad) WoT bonus code. sold for a higher price.
    Revell does this a lot.

    The Leichttraktor is an ICM kit, the T-26 probably too. Those are ok, price-wise. (getting the ICM box is still a couple of Euro cheaper).
    But 22€ for 1:72 tanks is ridiculous. Revell 1:72 kits usually are sold for 10€.

    Just saying, if anyone actually wants to build a tank kit over Christmas.

    1. It would have been neat if it was tanks unique to wot, like the rino, but these are all very typical vehicles that you can get for cheaper elsewhere (and probably with better quality compared to these.)

      1. This they had a chance to give us kits of tanks that currently dont have kits but existed, and wren’t 100% fakes. Like the CS-52, the Emils and Kranvagn, the Yoh tanks and the Czech tanks like the TVP VTU. (Also gotta include the ships too.)

        Then again as long as 3d printers exist the demand for these vehicles is low. And its not worth the risk on making new molds.

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