WoT Holiday Ops – How to get Unique Commander Anton Pankov

In previous years, Unique Commanders have dropped from Large Boxes. They were not announced in advance and they were a pleasant surprise. They had 2 zero skills each: Brothers in Arms and Sixth Sense.

This year Anton Pankov became the unique commander. But now he does NOT drop in Large Boxes as before, but is obtained when sending Small Boxes to friends.

When sending boxes to friends via Holiday Mail, there is a small chance you will get the Legendary Developer. The chance of getting it is small.

  • Anton Pankov has one zero skill: Brothers in Arms but also Sixth Sense, Repair, and 1 unallocated 100% skill. There is no voice acting πŸ™

5 thoughts on “WoT Holiday Ops – How to get Unique Commander Anton Pankov

    1. No, you flip yourself upside down in the water, then press Alt+F4 while your teammates recieve the message “lost in battle” because you exited the battle early.

  1. Nice, how to get a disgusting and incompetent russian as a commander. Pathetic, and disgusting …

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