Supertest: Invasion Map

Coming to the supertest we have a new map!


General Description
Map size: 1000×1000 meters
Game mode: Standard Battle
Setting: Summer


1. The high-rise area is suitable for heavily armored vehicles.
2. The open area on the hill near the elevator will be a good spot for medium tanks.
3. The top of the hill near the church is a dangerous point that will make it easier to control zone 2.
4. Firing positions to hold the enemy off.

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6 thoughts on “Supertest: Invasion Map

  1. This is just the fucking airport map everyone HATED so much!
    just kill it already…. changing a few assets won’t change the gameplay.

    They had 3 maps
    1 was good.
    1 was alright
    THIS one everyone was sick off

    Its like that other map “Norge” which is just MINES but the border was put 100m further back.

    I feel like WG uses a CAPTCHA generator for maps … shuffeling it a little and asking if we still identify it

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