10 thoughts on “Jagdpanzer E-100 – Lego tank model

  1. Damn, that’s nice. I only have two complaints:
    1, The gun barrel hangs on a single dot? No way that can hold up its own weight, and
    2, I will never be able to get such a beautiful model, goddamit.

    1. @Sgt_Zephyr Between the renderings and final bricklink upload there were some checks done, the 2×2 with single stud (Dot piece mentioned) was replaced with a 2×2 with full four studs as a sturdier connection point because of the mentioned weakness.

  2. I really hope @killswitch95 could try to reach out to Mouldking ( https://mouldking.store/shop/)
    they have ways to sell MOCs as fully fledged sets. I would most likely buy a legobrick based JpZe100! I am not the biggest fan of COBI Bricks and the Mouldking sets I built so far aka Sets which use GoBricks Bricks where fantastic!

    However be aware I don’t know how Mould King monatizes their stuff for people creating MOCs as a year ago they just yoinked the instructions without giving the MOC Creator a share. HOWEVER apparently this changed!

    A Problematic Set: https://mouldking.store/shop/mould-king-21007-the-empire-over-jedha-city/
    One of their Fair MOC Sets, its also amazing according to the biggest Bricks YTber in Germany!: https://mouldking.store/shop/mouldking-16043-moc-67005-novatown-art-gallery-showcase-with-3536-pieces/

    1. Thank you, I’ve been looking for a while for a way to have my MOC’s made as sets because I can’t do what Brickmania does and source my own parts/resell… I lack the infrastructure for it…

  3. damn that’s cool! Lego itself is cool and so, but the combination of Lego and WOT. hell yeah!

    big cudos for the idea as well as the realisation!

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