9 thoughts on “Shatterline Gameplay Leak

  1. Too late to join the shooter train wg and it looks generic af …. gl hf to anyone willing to play test this

      1. “unfortunately”…
        I tried the caliber alpha, and wow, it was generic and boring. WG knows nothing about developing successful gameplay loops. they just try to make games that look familiar by copying successful games, hoping that the targeted age group cannot tell the difference between the “original” (good) game and the WG clone.

      1. so why try the same crap again and why try so hard to get into the CS/R6 niche?
        it is WG’s incompetence, stubborness and illogical and reality-detached behaviour that really make me worry about the future of WoT.

          1. well, WG shouldn’t have become the abusive mobile game f*cks they are today. if you rape-milk your biggest cash cow to death on purpose, noone can help you.
            WoT was a one in a million lucky hit by WG. something that is just impossible to be repeated for a short-sighted and talentless bunch as WG.
            this level of greed coupled with stupidity is quite angering.

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