Arnold Schwarzenegger invites you to the holidays in World of Tanks PC!

Wargaming has just released the trailer for World of Tanks Holiday Ops on PC. The main character of this expected event is the famous hero of the action movie – Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The video material tells the story of Little Johnny and his letter, which has not been delivered for over 30 years. Still, after three decades, Arnold gets a missing message and knows what to do – “get to the choppa” and visits the boy in person. What happens when it arrives on site? Watch the video and see for yourself!

“It was a great experience working with the Wargaming team on this special event and I feel players will enjoy it,” emphasizes Arnold. “I have a personal, long history with tanks – I own the M047 Patton, which I led in the Austrian army when I was 18 years old. I know the excitement of commanding steel beasts. After years of asking fans on Reddit about World of Tanks, I’m glad to be able to give them the partnership they’ve been waiting for. Christmas operations are coming, so put your cookies aside and get ready to bring Christmas joy together! ”

Holiday Ops is the annual fan-favorite event that starts in December and runs until the beginning of the new year. The traditional garage in World of Tanks turns into a holiday village, and players are tasked with decorating it with various decorations. As you progress, the levels of the holiday spirit increase, and virtual tankers receive a variety of in-game rewards.

Further details on Holiday Ops will be announced shortly. World of Tanks on personal computers is one of the most popular games in Poland and in the world. Globally, the title has already recorded over 160,000,000 installations, and in Poland over 4,600,000 players have tried the phenomenon of virtual tanks.

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  1. Christmas surgeries is Christmas operations – the Russian word is the same but has different meaning.

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