Supertest: Pawlack Tank (Initial Stats)

Coming soon to the Supertest is the Pawlack Tank, a Tier VI American heavy tank, the starting vehicle of the Yoh branch.

The Pawlack Tank is not technically a Yoh tank, unlike its higher-tier counterparts in the branch, this vehicle does not have a reserve track mechanic. The vehicle has decent mobility compared to other heavy tanks in the American branch. Its maximum forward speed is 45 m/h, and its specific power is 16.2h.p./t.

The main gun has a calibre of 90mm and causes 240HP of damage per shot. Penetration with a standard Armour-Piercing shell is 160mm, and 205mm with a special APCR shell. The aiming time is 2.4s, and its accuracy is 0.42. The reload time is 8.4s.

The thickness of the armour plates in the frontal projection of the turret reaches 140mm, and it is 127mm in the hull area. The vehicle’s durability is 950HP. The gun depression/elevation angles are –5/15 degrees, respectively.

The Pawlack Tank is a rather mobile heavy tank compared to its same-tier brethren—it has a relatively well-protected turret but unremarkable gun depression/elevation angles. You will still be able to play it using cover and on not-very-steep terrain, but you should always remember that your gun depression will not always allow you to cause damage from behind a hill. However, thanks to its mobility, the vehicle will allow for more confident position changes.

Additional Screenshots
Pawlack_Tank_01.jpg  Pawlack_Tank_02.jpg  Pawlack_Tank_03.jpg  Pawlack_Tank_04.jpg  Pawlack_Tank_05.jpg  Pawlack_Tank_06.jpg  Pawlack_Tank_07.jpg  Pawlack_Tank_08.jpg

Additional Stats

Dispersion during turret rotation – 0.14
Gun dispersion during hull movement –0.24
Gun dispersion during hull traverse – 0.24
Dispersion after shot – 3.5
Shell Velocity – 972/1177/853
Terrain Resistances – 1.2/1.3/2.4

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21 thoughts on “Supertest: Pawlack Tank (Initial Stats)

    1. it is weird that a tank design this “old” suddenly emerged from nowhere, if we were to give children a clay model of a M7 medium tank they would eventually “develop” a similar design from all the stretching

        1. I would rather they added the concept for the 90mm armed T14, program included option for 76mm and 90mm guns as well, not just the prototype we know, but it is too much to expect anything nice at mid-tier for the US TT

          1. thanks for the info, do you know the year?

            I never wrote it was fake, I simply stated it is strange that after 10 years of WoT this thing had never emerged before, but it is good news that at least this one is real

            still, I believe that my statement that if children started with a M7 medium tank clay/play-doh model, at least 1 in 100 or 1000 would eventually end up with something similar looking to this PAWLAK tank

            family names are something we should never mess with and WG has to do better and correct it

          1. is the word “fake” or the expression “made up” written anywhere?
            I gave my opinion of what it looked like, it is as simply as that and nothing more

  1. Looking at other tier 6 heavies, about 20k experience. Looks like a rubbish reverse speed too, might need a turbo.

    1. with 16 h.p/ton it might have good acceleration, when it comes to reverse speed what matters is how quick we reach top speed, if the acceleration is good 14 kph would be enough to reverse around the corner before getting hit

      1. “when it comes to reverse speed what matters is how quick we reach top speed”

        Bit clueless aren’t ya

        “My reverse speed is complete garbage, but at least I reach it quickly”

        1. to which I added that 14 kph is good for reverse speed
          it is Tier 6, there aren’t that many high ROF guns with BIG alpha damage, with 14 kph you can easily reverse behind cover while taking minimal damage
          14 kph will match the KVs (IS/85/Obj. 244) and VK 36.01 (H) in reverse speed among heavy tanks at Tier 6 and IT WILL have the best h.p/ton ratio among the faster reversing heavy tanks at the Tier, only the ARL-44 and M6 have higher ratio but top out at 10 kph in reverse
          so yeah, I am not the clueless one here

          1. You think hp/tonne ratio is relevant when discussing reverse speed, yeah you’re clueless bud, sorry to have to break it to ya

            1. h.p/ton ratio tells you how quick you can reach top speed, so yeah it does apply to reverse speed as well

              I don’t know if this will get through you but here it goes

              14 kph is the highest reverse speed among Tier 6 heavy tanks, that includes both free and PREMIUM heavy tanks

              so yeah, 14 kph reverse speed won’t be a downside because it is above standard for the tier

              1. Yeah, you’re very very clueless. I don’t know if I should bother wasting my time trying to explain something as simple as this to you. Let me know if I should.

                1. You should probably change you name to useless. all you do is petty insults and can’t be bothered to discuss anything.

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