Wargaming under DDoS Attack (RU)

RU4 was under a DDoS attack recently. WG sites were also attacked (forums, wiki, WGMods, premium store, and so on.)

“Since November 27, some players have encountered problems playing on the RU4 server: short-term freezes, loss of tank control, problems with registering hits, and even disconnecting from the server.

Devs have determined that a targeted and sustained DDoS attack is the cause of the problem. In this regard, they decided to disable the automatic login to the RU4 server. This means that players will not be able to connect to the server when you select the “Auto” option in the main menu of the game, but they can still log in there manually. Players can also continue playing if they are logged into RU4 right now, but devs strongly recommend that you select any of the other servers available.

Developers will continue to monitor the status of the servers and keep you updated on the situation.

Developers apologize for the inconvenience caused and wish you a comfortable and successful game! “

Source: wotclue

11 thoughts on “Wargaming under DDoS Attack (RU)

  1. Probably a pissed of player from .. somewhere .. so fucked off with WG long term shit Team MM and mostly shit Maps

    Likely got fucked off with the WOT player Forums where 0% of anything, anywhere ever written in WG WOT Forums gets read by anyone from WG ever

    and so this ….. lol

    1. My thoughts! WG just didn’t payed the bills on time to their ISP and he put them back on the “freebie-server-customer” state, coming with a bad ping, too xD

      If you can explain something with a technical problem, don’t forget it could also be playin stupidity. Occam says hi xD

  2. If you ever highlight regular 999 ping or disconnects on wot you just get same sad moderator wank stains telling you to use plingotter. Which doesn’t solve anything lmao

  3. There was a time when I thought that Wargaming was just an Incompetent Enterprise, it took so long to realize they arent Incompetent at all, they are simply acting in bad faith and ON PURPOSE, thats the true, and we all know it even those who insist to deny, its EVERYWHERE and undeniable.
    you see rigged MM to manipulate clueless teams and RNG making you miss fully aimed shots while premium or soviet bias hits so surprisingly shots…
    The maps … jesus christ anyone knows even chimps on drugs are able to do better .
    and we all know its done the way it is, LIKE A BUFFET, just to feed those fktards who spend some money on any WG feat.
    The game had everything to be a good game, but it cant be based on skills or talent, just P2W and rigging for brain damaged kids.

    1. The rigged mm can be seen in the sa servers just plat tiers 1 to 5 and watch the bots.. They target winrate.. And humans over over ai

  4. Wot are just catering to the new casual player now. Straight in at t6, buy a premium to t8 to make credits. Not understand the game and leave after 2 weeks. Repeat again for another new player. That’s they business model now.
    Veteran players who have 100s millions of credits, 100s premium days, every tank. They offer them anything. No need to.

  5. It was real DDOS atack, who speak russian, you can check stream replay: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vy0WiFKkybg

    In short, Korben is a famous russian streamer, during the battle He met one guy, who is doing various account boosts like gun marks and so on, also He told they make some ddos just for fun and for proof they sad they will make next day on RU4 server on 12:00 local time. Looks like they did it 🙂 they just proofed how WG doesnt have security

    1. He met one guy, who is doing various account boosts like gun marks and so on

      Why is he still playing if it’s known that he does account boosts and DDoS attacks? No one ever reported him?

  6. this is clever way to tell WG that we want gold cheating ammo removed! Can they finally start to care for the game?

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