WoT: Claim your Well-Deserved Reward in 2021!

You can now claim your Well-Deserved Reward for 2021. After logging into the game from November 25, 2021 to November 2022, the congratulations screen will appear.

For each year you have spent in World of Tanks, you will receive 1 token (first year players will receive 2 tokens). Use these tokens to claim any additional items you need that match your playstyle. You can get yourself unique 3D styles, a universal crew member (any nationality, tank class, and major qualification can be given to him) with a zero skill, upgraded equipment, and other cool items.

Please visit the in-game store and go to the Well Deserved Reward tab for a complete list of the items available for Tokens. You can claim any item right away or at any time until November 2022.

5 thoughts on “WoT: Claim your Well-Deserved Reward in 2021!

  1. Why there was article on russian site about not to pick the tokens for now, but later? Knows someone, because I havent understand it…

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