Supertest: Kraftwerk Map Changes

Changes to the Kraftwerk map for the Frontline mode are planned to be tested in the Supertest. These changes are aimed at making gameplay more comfortable for the attacking team.

The changes to the map are displayed on the minimap.

Removed the bush that allowed firing at the vehicles within the capture circle of base C while remaining unspotted.

Added a structure that covers the pushing attackers. It will be a bit safer to take this position.

Added an additional section of the castle as an intermediate point before attacking the castle at point F.

Added several structures in the capture area of point F to provide cover for attackers.

Opened an additional passage between points A and B, which will allow the attackers to move forces easily to point A after capturing point B.

Added an additional descent from the hill and intermediate cover when approaching point E.

Added an additional route to point E. It’s covered from long-range lines of fire by a workshop.

Slightly increased the pile of sand to provide more space for pushing from the attacking side.

Added two structures when driving through the cooling towers, allowing for a safer drive to the Repair Zone.

Added intermediate cover near the town.

The approach to Gun 3 is now safer for the attackers due to the expansion of the urban area.

Moved containers behind Gun 3 so that the attackers don’t get shot right from the defenders’ respawn.

Improved options for approaching Gun 2. The position is also covered from defenders firing at the back of attackers from their respawn.

Reworked the quarry area and added additional cover.

Added intermediate cover when approaching point D.

Exiting the quarry to the Repair Zone is now easier for the attackers. Cover for the attackers has been added at the Repair Zone itself.

Expanded the quarry along the red line, which will allow the attackers to move forward safely.

Added intermediate cover and additional approach to Gun 1.

6 thoughts on “Supertest: Kraftwerk Map Changes

  1. Most of the cap zone changes isnt needed, maybe A-B passage and cover for E cap and repair.
    The problem is attacking the guns. The kill zone is too wide front of them an the efenders spawn is too close

  2. Wargaming said oh attackers are winning all the time . So lets make it easier for them . Again they want faster games and less credits earned . I just quit frontline i played it bc it was fun to fight only the same tier and not need much gold and earning cool rewards and tons of credits now you must run 9s or 8s with gold . I quit . Wargaming contradicts themselves every time they do something . They just said last year that attackers are winning way more so they make it easier logic .

    1. Many of these changes open new strategies to the defending team, and a few that are supposedly making it easer for the attackers I expect will strengthen the defense while harming the attackers

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