WoT: Don’t Miss Your Well-Deserved Reward

Source: EU Portal

About a year ago, we announced the Well-Deserved Reward for 2020. It was our way of expressing gratitude and appreciation for all our players, especially those who have been with us for several years. The longer you have been a part of the World of Tanks community, the bigger the reward, but even new players can claim a nice little bonus.

The opportunity to log in to the game and automatically receive your Well-Deserved Reward for 2020 will end on November 24 at 05:00 CET (UTC+1). You should have already received everything if you have checked on your tank collection since November 26, 2020, but you might know a friend who hasn’t logged in for a while and will miss out.

Make sure to share the news and event page with an overview of all the goodies waiting for them. For example, if they created their account before 2017, they will be treated to the VII Super Hellcat , the VI M24E2 Super Chaffee , and the VI T-50-2 for free! And even if the account is more recent, plenty of goodies, including WoT Premium Account, are still up for grabs.

We are grateful for every player who is part of our community, and we don’t want anyone to miss out, especially as the next round of Well-Deserved Rewards is already peeking over the horizon! Stay tuned for more details, and make sure to keep an eye on the portal!


7 thoughts on “WoT: Don’t Miss Your Well-Deserved Reward

  1. gjve us a better tank and not a modified version thats not worth anything.. been with WG as a “beta” tester and i would think i deserve better and anyone one over 9 yrs should.

  2. Dude WG hasn’t cared about the beta players or even year 1 players since…beta and year one. We already put our money in, we already put our use in. You can tell just from the horrible job at balancing they’ve done and how the “new” tank is always OP (unless its free) for a few weeks then its either pisspoor in everything or about standard (Type59/M6 Mutant players anyone)

    1. U are just a bad player, nothing else, Type 59 is excellent tank and Its one of the best VIII meds….
      Mutant is still ez farm for bouncing missions and quite decent tank
      All u need is to be good player, not a pisspoor bot

      1. lol Type59 is “average” at best now, and the Mutant is horrible compared to what it used to be. they got nerfed hard and they resold them to get ez money even after they promised theyd never sell them again. but love how you dont know anything about their performance but still call people bots

        1. I dont need to know your how do u perform because only either an idiot or a bot would call Type 59 or Mutant bad xD, and which nerfs of the Mutant u are talking about? M6A2E1 was never nerfed and Iam 100 percent sure that u have a patchnotes proof or ur ”opinion”

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