4 thoughts on “🇨🇳 WZ-114 In-game Pictures

  1. For its armor and healthpool it looks surprisingly compact-sized. Also, it has a large lower plate and the cupola is fairly prominent, that’s good.

    1. The lower plate looks similar-ish to E-75ts, but i think the TS beats it by a few inches.
      The hatch is visible from the front, interesting. I rather not brawl in that tank or at least turn away after shots (like e100 would

      You sure this isnt a german design?

      1. You sure this isnt a german design?

        I’m no tank buff so I have no answer to that, sorry. China does have a fair share of real tanks (up to Type 58, Type 59, WZ-120 with the 100mm gun, IS-2, WZ-111), but also a lot of stuff that maybe existed maybe not (the “prototype was destroyed in nuclear tests” ones) or complete fakes (whole TD line).

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