Update “Colors of China” Style Set Pictures

This is what the Colors of China style set looks like (from yesterday’s micropatch). Style treated as non-historical, valued at 1,250 gold.

Available for vehicles of all nationalities and tiers.

– Multi-season style inspired by traditional colors in Chinese culture.

Red, yellow and black are among the key colors in Chinese culture, and their muted hues are used in this camouflage scheme. Red is considered the main color – a symbol of fire, celebration and a fast track to success. Yellow was the imperial color of the early Chinese dynasties – no one but emperors could wear it. Black has always been more respectable than other colors. It has the broadest spectrum of meanings, from very negative to extremely positive.

9 thoughts on “Update “Colors of China” Style Set Pictures

    1. Why does this company have such an aversion to making something normal and historical? Would be nice to not get a clown camo once in awhile.

  1. No blue and white to match the Five-Colored Flag of 1912-28? (In that context, red represented the Han Chinese, yellow the Manchus, blue the Mongols, white the Hui and black the Tibetans, at the time considered the 5 races of China.)

    1. Which is funny in that there are some historical camo schemes in the game that should have yellow squiggles, but don’t!

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