Supertest: WZ-114 (Initial Stats)

The Tier VIII Chinese WZ-114 heavy tank has been sent to the closed Supertest.

The vehicle has a 122 mm gun which can cause 360 damage per shot. Its standard AP shells penetrate up to 208 mm, while the special HEAT shells can penetrate 270 mm of armour. It has an aiming time of 3.6 s and a reload time of 12 s.

However, its main distinguishing feature among heavy tanks of its tier is a good accuracy of 0.33, which allows for landing more precise shots at weak spots, as well as firing at enemy vehicles from a distance.

It has a top speed of 30 km/h, and a specific power of 10.7 h.p./t.

The frontal turret armour thickness reaches 300 mm, while the thickness of the hull is 125 mm. A large HP pool of 1,800 HP combined with good frontal armour improves the vehicle’s survivability on the battlefield.

The WZ-114 is a heavy tank with strong frontal armour, low speed, but excellent accuracy for a heavy tank. Confront enemies head-on, preferably supported by allies who do not allow mobile tanks to flank you or impose manoeuvrable battle tactics that favour them. Good accuracy opens up a relatively rare opportunity for heavy tanks to fight confidently at medium and long distances.

Additional Stats and Screenshots

 Dispersion during turret rotation – 0.3
Gun dispersion during hull movement – 0.3
Gun dispersion during hull traverse – 0.3
Dispersion after shot – 7
Shell Velocity – 800/640/640
Terrain Resistances – 1.1/1.2/2.5


25 thoughts on “Supertest: WZ-114 (Initial Stats)

  1. May be we will get a heavy chinese line or smth. Otherwise a second prem heavy tank in a row is kinda dumb.

    1. It’s in the supertest but that doesn’t mean we’ll see it anytime soon. It may not be available for a year or two.

    2. they don’t really have a reason to add a 2nd HT line for China, it is most likely a premium/freemium because the last time they added one for them was a long time ago (WZ-111 Alpine Tiger in 2018), and the Chinese publisher needs to make money from their own player base and there’s nothing better for that than encouraging a little of patriotic pride

        1. not with those armour values
          it does weigh 70 tons but so does the Tier 8 AMX M4 1949 with 190mm of frontal armour

          this thing has a better slope angle but it is still 125mm, it is slightly better than the IS-6 (110mm) however the IS-6 has 100mm of side armour while this thing has 60mm, plus people have been commenting that those armour values are supposed to be effective thickness

          the -10º of depression coupled with 300mm effective armour on the turret would hint for a potential Chinese Tier 8 hull-down HT

          from a marketing perspective it also make sense because we can easily imagine players complaining about the poor gun depression angles on the Chinese tanks, a premium with the best depression in the TT would sell quite a bit

          either way this thing looks like a IS-6 and for now it’s armour values seem to be similar, but it can change anytime

          1. Looks something like 45 degree LFP, 60~65 degree UFP. I’d put my $ on 64 degree.

            At 60 degrees, it’s 270mm effective. At 64 degrees, it’s 307mm effective. Even if it were “just” 56 degrees, it’d still be 240mm effective. So the real question isn’t going to be how thick the UFP is, it’s how thick the wedge corners are going to be.

      1. They’re already releasing the WZ-113 SP2 or whatever as a tier 8 premium in China.

        In fact, I think it’s already out. I think this may be a last minute rush job for the Santa boxes.

  2. so 750hp and 10.7hp/t… You trying to tell me that the 113 is 45t and this thing is 750hp/10.7hp/t=70.09t?
    With less overall armor… bloody thing got lead armor or what?!

    1. It’s possible the 113 is actually too light. The side hull alone should be some ~2 to 2.5 tons.

      The entire side hull plate of the 113mm is 90mm, except for the sloped exterior section which is 120mm. If we assume the 113 is about the size of a T-64–and I found some line drawings of a T-64 here: then we can do some back of the napkin math from those dimensions. Do keep in mind that the T-64 has flat, slab sides and a very compact hull, which is not true of the 113; it has shoulders, overhangs (the bottom of those is 30mm; that’s a lot of area!), the 20mm spaced plate, and other sloped cuts in it. It’s also true that the T-64 hull is likely smaller than the 113.

      Armor steel is ~7.85 g/cm3

      Hull length 6.54m, width 3.27m, height 3.27m

      I’ve measured the side-profile as being 70,218 pixels in area

      Subtracting the white space and turret leaves me with 24,820 pixels, so I will be doing the volume calculation on this basis

      That leaves me with length 2.31m, thickness 0.09m, height 1.15m

      0.2404 cubic meters of armor steel is 240400 cubic centimeters

      Multiply by our density and we’re left with 1.887 metric tons, not counting the 30mm overhang, the extra 20mm plate, or the extra 30mm plate over the top of the side hull that makes it 120mm (nor are we counting the fact that it is angled and is thus even more material.

      But, let us assume that 2 tons is an accurate estimate–rounding up, as I believe the 113 hull is larger–and that all of that extra material is only some 0.25 tons.

      Since that was only one side, combined, the side plates alone would weigh 4.5 tons. That leaves 40 tons for the gun (extremely heavy), the suspension, the transmission, track, final drive–all of which are thick steel and not skeletonized for weight–the entire turret, the frontal hull, the floor, the roof, the bearing race (again, quite a lot of material, to support the weight of the turret), the firewall, any metal equipment inside such as the ammo racks and bins, the engine, fuel tank, radiators, and so on.

      The 113 is actually not that small. Packing all of that into 45 tons would be something of an achievement, to be perfectly honest. It’s likely closer to 55 or 60.

      I’d like to remind you that the Leopard 1, whose thickest plate is 70mm, is some 40 tons, featuring innovations such as 35mm side plates that ww2 anti-tank rifles can hilariously punch right through, 20mm and 10mm hull floor plates, 10mm plates under the sponsons/shoulders, a 20mm roof throughout (113 is 30mm roof and floor!), and my personal favorite, “a flat nearly unarmored turret that required additional armor nearly immediately after being produced”.

      Onto this tank. The 114 is a completely new hull, seemingly taller and higher volume than the 113. Unlike the 113, this hull is not well-designed. It wastes quite a lot of metal and volume. It reminds me of the T-127 or LTP projects. It achieves lots of internal volume, sure, even at the required protection… at the horrific expense of weight. Sometimes, your tank is cramped, life sucks, and you just have to deal with it. The extra weight isn’t worth it. A fun little quirk of prototypes like this implemented as-is, is that all the players get to learn this right along with their designers!

      Honestly? It doesn’t feel like this tank has any historical basis. It seems extremely similar to the currently in production Type 99A. In that sense, it’s just designed to look like the modern tank, while fitting into the current game at tier 8, with something resembling a Defender’s armor scheme. A vehicle to suck up the money of “patriots”.

      Furthermore, the turret is easily twice the height. It’s not a thin turret. There’s a lot of metal here. 95mm back? The turret bustle alone is nearly the volume of the 113 turret.

      IMHO, the hilariously bad soft stats are a bad way to implement this vehicle. I understand that the WoT designers need to keep power creep going. I understand that they can’t just sell tier 9 vehicles from now on. I also understand the need to cater, occasionally, to the nation you’re publishing your game in. However, implementing a vehicle that is nearly invulnerable to all challengers while having nearly no ability to fight back isn’t fun for anyone. It’s not fun to play against, it’s not fun to play in. It’s possible to implement this shape and style of vehicle with good soft stats and gun capabilities, as well as honest drawbacks. I know you’re capable of this, WG.

      1. Heh that’s a lot of research put into a reply. I’m gonna do it a bit more simply though and just compare to the IS-3 cause compared side by side to a IS-3, both the WZ-111 and the 113 are longer, wider and rouglhy the same height

        The real IS-3 is said to be somewhere in the region of 45.7t-47t depending on sources and has an ingame weight of 49t

        113 having slightly thicker or same armor all round with it being longer and wider should have a heavier hull, although the turret is thinner in width, but also more armored.
        so overall id expect the hull to be a 4-5 tons heavier and turret maybe 1-2 tons lighter
        Meaning that if is-3 has a ingame weight of 49t the 113 should be roughly 52t.

        And the WZ-111 5a having a larger turret and cannon with more armor thickness should be closer to 56-58t

        But but, it’s blueprint tanks we’re talking about so, and guess wg doesn’t spend any time whatsoever thinking about weather or not having a long, wide well armored tank also being low weight is at all realistic.

      2. It’s just a bunch of pixels that may or may not appear in a game that probably won’t be good enough to pay cash for when there are 502 other collections of pixels you can have.

  3. Well, for a tier 8 HT the pen seems rather awful, at least with AP. The prem-pen on the other side is quite high.

    And this thing is absolutely atypical for a chinese tank with 10° gdp.

  4. I’m sorry but 1800 HP that’s more then the KV-5, but then again WG screws you over on the standard pen and aimtime, making it a closequaters brawler, 208mm standard pen is just screwing people over and adding P2W by giving it 270mm pen but then negating that with the atrocious aimtime that is worse then that of a 183mm gun. for once i’ll say thanks but NO THANKS

    1. and dont forget the dispersion values are really bad.
      Its not Pay to win if u can afford it with credits is more like premium that does not make credits, its the new rule like with the Gsor or the Bisonte.

  5. “Additional Stats and Screenshots

    Dispersion during turret rotation – 0.3
    Gun dispersion during hull movement – 0.3
    Gun dispersion during hull traverse – 0.3
    Dispersion after shot – 7
    Shell Velocity – 800/640/640
    Terrain Resistances – 1.1/1.2/2.5”

    Its this stats are right, the dispersion on the turret rotation is ugly, is at the same Lvl as the FV4005 Stage II, to make only 360 damage. Seems like thats the balance point

    1. Not like the shell velocity is any better…. I can throw rocks faster then this can shoot shells

  6. Doesn’t look good, like, at all. The gun depression is great (but very unusual for a Chinese tank), and the armor is also great (has a hittable cupola but the frontal turret and upper glacis seem very solid), but the speed or lack thereof and the bad gun stats are dealbreakers.

    Unless this gets some significant mobility and gun handling buffs, the 122TM is still the better Chinese premium “heavy”.

      1. True, which helps a lot in Tier 9-10 matches where you have to play more supportive.

        Still, I do not understand WG’s reasoning behind the WZ-114’s balancing. It’s just a supertest tank so stats could change any number of times, but the crapton of armor and health it has does not compensate for the abysmal gun performance (putting aside gun handling which is terrible, even the alpha damage is lower than average for a 122mm). If WG wants to keep the good accuracy with bad handling, might as well give the tank a detuned 130/152mm gun and make it play like a Chinese T30.

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