WoT Update 1.14.1: Price Changes

In Update 1.14.1, the gold prices of some tanks have been changed:


  • Removed “Hidden” and “Tested” status;
  • Tank price changed from 100 to 10100 gold.

https://ru-wotp.wgcdn.co/static/5.6.2_896aed/wotp_static/img/core/frontend/scss/common/components/widgets/content-tank/img/uk.png   VK 28.01 mit 10,5 cm L/28:

  • Removed “Hidden” and “Tested” status;
  • Tank price changed from 100 to 2900 gold.

12 thoughts on “WoT Update 1.14.1: Price Changes

  1. For a second i thought the 113 is fairly sexy.
    Sturdy hull. Hatches are visible but not gigantic… and the DPM and whatnot is just fine.

    Yet~ then it struck me…
    -4° frontal… and -2° over the back.

    I remember the struggles of -5 on the 34-3 when the gun rose whenever you stepped on a car.
    the buff to -6.5 was a gods gift :))

    -4 wow lol. Anything but the flattest town and the 113 is incapable of pointing its gun.
    Even brawling face to face is basically impossible, since you can only (perhaps) go for hatches and not lower plates… and hills are 100% death Oo

    I wouldn’t be surprised if they buff it to -5° within 6-months of release, in order to make it playable

  2. Do not worry, if the gun depression is too low.
    Do not worry, if the tank will not be good enough.
    WG will buff it after the release as necessary, just like did with ASTRON Rex.

    1. they buffed aston rex??? i just got mine ,set it up….and its sluggish as hell…..even driving on road feels like driving thru swamp

  3. Tank has an op armour for a tier 8. The crap depression is fine as long as it has that armour.

    The last thing we want is an other op premium. Quit bitching already.

    1. YA OP ARMOR like Defender who dies first in any match.
      Cause ARMOR is the only valid thing about a tank.

      And unplayable is a good thing to balance it out how?
      it will be “op in cities” but shit in any slight hill area… ?`

      THATS how you game design? either broken or OP?
      alright great, so you must work for wargaming i figure

      why not give it -5 at least and lessen armor or DPM or whatever to BALANCE it out while lessen the ‘either or’ scenarios!?

      but thats just a big idea…

      1. If you die in the first minute of the battle in a Defender, it’s your fault; not the tank.

        WG balance tanks in this way so they keep them as OP as possible to acquire your money while hard to play so they doesn’t break the MM. Hence, the good players appreciate the tank while “Fire once a battle and die” type of players such as you complain all the time about how unbalanced the tank is.

        Me work for WG? Yeah I wish, If I was, I would balance the tanks like the good old days pre 2016 and not listen to anyone.

        Git Gud.

    1. Try aiming and flanking, or you know, not trying to rely on something that is point and click levels of bullshit.

      1. Well, I aim with the Easy8 105 mm to the weakspots of tier 6 tanks, and where I used to do 180 dmg per shot now I do 44 dmg… HE nerf destroyed 105 mm for tier 6 and above.

  4. When do I get my VK 28.01 mit 10,5 cm L/28 back? I didn’t sell it. Remove the 10.5 option that I grinded for and then sell it back to me for gold! Not a penny more.

    1. You’re more than likely gonna get it for free like how they gave people the super Chaffee and the t-50-2, that well deserved reward thing they do every year or so, so calm down. Besides, you want one where they actually removed a tank and resold it as a premium, look no further than the lorr 40t.

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