WoT: Black Market 2022 Update

As reported by our colleagues from wotclue, last week, the Black Market articles on RU, NA and ASIA servers in the Support Department were updated. The provision regarding the possibility of purchasing rare items (including vehicles) in the game was changed, where the previously mentioned currency for which these items could be purchased was gold and credits – after the update of the article, Bonds became an option.

This change shouldn’t surprise anyone, after all, there are already many other ways to get items for Bonds (In-game Store, Ranked Battles, Bond Auction on the Global Map, etc.).

The black market can be expected at the end of the first quarter of 2022.

15 thoughts on “WoT: Black Market 2022 Update

  1. Inbe4 I buy the Concept 1B for 14k bonds and they sell it next year for 10k. The stingy part of my blood is boiling.

    Otherwise, it’s a decent idea despite the possible lightning sale of the T10 Chieftain for 50 to 100k bonds. ๐Ÿ˜€ Let the hunger games begin.

    1. The fun times are starting ! Obj 907, T-22 Medium, ๐Ÿ˜€ all those nice, balanced tanks will be sold to the highest bidder! Don’t forget the Kpz 50 t! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. I’m just hoping for a Chief mk6, WT E 100 or Obj. 268 v5 for credit auctions
    if any of these happens next year, im happy

    1. If so, there will come a huge shitstorm at WG once again. It might cost them players again.

  3. Who sane would spend his hard earned bonds for any tank that can be purchased for money, credits or gold? I doubt there will be reward tanks tier 9 or 10 and even if yes, they will be in very limited numbers…

  4. I might be out this year, still recovering from selling all my reward tanks and premiums and consumables and equipment from last time.
    I grinded over 130 million silver in the last few months to buy it all back.

    Not doing that again, I DGAF what the hell they selling this time.

    1. I kinda feel the same. Only playing the xmas marathon then spending everything on black market.

      1. And then, Black Chieftain for only 500,000,000 silver, and I whip out the CC and buy 40 fort knoxes…..

  5. I couldn’t really care about it, as the prices are huge and the offers from last year were terrible.

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