7 thoughts on “Return of the Waffenträger: 3D “Resistor” Style for the Object 140 – Pictures

  1. One artillery shell into the engine and ur gone.
    WHY would u leave that thing open? a stick can take you out!
    Skin does increase fire chance by 999%

    1. It has some kind of electromagnetic force field which is actually a real thing being developed for armored vehicles, obviously not practical yet due to inadequate power sources. I liked the T55a Thunderbolt from last year’s event but the Obj 140 is a better tank, I’ll probably try to get this camo.

    2. I hope u dont mean it seriously and its a joke.
      Because if u truly mean it Iam afraid that u are very stupid and iam honestly scared of your ingame stats

      1. Yes, the Obj 140 is much better than the T55a, even tier for tier. 🙂

        Also the force field thing is a real concept in development. It doesn’t work like in the movies, the principle is is an incoming projectile grabbed and destroyed by a powerful electromagnetic field and presumably whatever remains is easily stopped by the vehicle’s conventional armor.


        Like it or not slab armor and chemical propellants are likely to be widely supplemented if not outright replaced on the battlefield sometime this century.

        1. I had advanced physics at school and university and I also think that this is nonsense, even if some news site says that some company is working on it.
          I’m sure that in the end they will find out that it doesn’t work the way they were hoping it would work.

        2. That article and other articles describing that force field are from 2010 BTW. Isn’t it suspicious that we haven’t heard about that technology again?

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