Google Drive Censors Tank Content

Recently, tank content on Google Drive started to be labeled as “terrorism content”, which is a punch in the gut for history enthusiasts.

The archive of the „Armoured Archives” YT channel that provides historical info on rare WoT tanks was affected. You can help them recover by upvoting here:

This has affected Tanks Encyclopedia too in the past, Google AI seems to be inaccurate, as you can see here:

11 thoughts on “Google Drive Censors Tank Content

  1. Stop doing anything with big tech… Facebook, Twitch, Google, Twitter, Tumbler, YouTube, etc. They are not your friend, they do not have your best interests at heart. They censor everything they can so you only see what they want you to see and they collect everything you do or say so their ideological allies can use it against you when the opportunity presents itself. Cut them from your life, starve the beast!

    1. Can’t agree more. I miss the times when the internet was just about freedom. A Wild West full of new ideas and niche forums. After late 2009 it started getting worse and worse.

  2. Ed Francis? He’s one of the premier researchers… It makes you wonder how many other people without the fame are just being burned on Google.

  3. But what if they start building 70year old tech all of a sudden!!!?

    Actually; even a T-34 or so is still very much a threat today as it was back then
    butttt I think terrorists would simply go to MERICUH and get a bomb in a drugstore or so.

    It’s not that hard.
    They allow 6y old firing live guns so… – i think google drive is the LEAST likely cause of death on this planet.

  4. ps. that’s why smart people ALWAYS do local backups!
    This way you at least can have a standoff with an actual human, before they lock you up 😀

    (srly. gathering data just online seems very much foolish to me)
    BACKUPS are a must. I always have a copy of my files on another drive, some of which not connected. ahem

    For the future.

    1. Many countries have anti terrorism laws forbidding the collection of information that would be useful to a terrorist.
      This is widely open to interpretation which is dubious law.
      Having any information encrypted is outlawed. 9 years in prison of you do not give the password.

  5. So it’s fine to buy assault rifles at Walmart but showing tanks on the internet is a no-no because of “terrorism”?

    Humanity’s double standards will never fail to amaze me.

    1. You can’t buy assault weapons at Walmart retard. Unless you count the spoons and kitchen knives as deadly weapons.

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