Update 1.14.1: First Public Test Release Date

If all goes to plan, Update 1.14.1 will launch its first Common Test on Thursday, September 16. If anything goes wrong, the test will start the next day. This update will include:

-Numerous bug fixes;
-Redesigns of some maps;
-New 2D and 3D personalization elements;
-New premium vehicles;
-Chinese medium and heavy tank rebalance.

The patch will be rolled out to the main server in mid-October.

12 thoughts on “Update 1.14.1: First Public Test Release Date

  1. Neat, was wondering when the Chinese buffs would eventually come along, now if only they’d buff the front plate of the 113 to 145, then it wouldn’t be just a 121 or 121b but with more HP and a slower overall speed.

  2. Map redesigns?
    Please 🙏 proko. It needs to be less campy.

    As for Chinese. Figured
    Some people said around Christmas but that be insane. They already released the numbers.

    My 59 can’t wait

    1. From what I know, the only map redesigns they had planned was for berlin and fixing soap box rocks on all the maps in the game, which is a shame cause all you need to do to make prok the best map again is to revert the changes to it and add in some of the extra stuff from the training grounds version of it, like the downed train on the rails and stuff going on in the village, I think there was a few more destroyed vehicles that act as solid cover too iirc.

    1. They’re buffing the 110 and only only 110, which is unfortunate cause the 113, while still good, is extremely overshadowed by every other meta fast heavy lile the 277 and now the totally not over performing vz55. Legit all the 113 needs to be a great heavy is to have its front plate go up to 140-150, suddenly its not just penned by everything with standard rounds, let alone premium, and can actually side scrape better against much more threatening things.

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