Prime Gaming Summer Bundle

It’s a beautiful time of the year! The sun’s out and the temperature is (hopefully) bearable! This month’s Summer Vibes drop means you can remain summery for the entire year with the unique 2D style based on those fabulous Hawaiian shirts. It also features a welcoming message—unless you’re directing it at an enemy.

The Summer Vibes drop is available from September 08 through September 27 through Prime Gaming.

Here’s a preview of how the style looks on this month’s rental vehicle picks:



Aloha Shirt style Aloha inscription
In addition to this tropical 2D style, you’ll be guaranteed two summertime decals and an exclusive medal, all of which you can see below.
A Taste of Paradise decal Under the Sun decal Dream Vacay medal

Take Your Pick

As always, you can make two choices from the following list:

VIII Chrysler K

A 10-day rental of the Chrysler K, a Tier VIII American heavy tank, plus the opportunity to purchase it in the Premium Shop at a 15% discount


A 10-day rental of the HWK 30, a Tier VIII German light tank, plus the opportunity to purchase it in the Premium Shop at a 15% discount

VII T26E3 Eagle 7

A 10-day rental of the T26E3 Eagle 7, a Tier VII American medium tank, plus the opportunity to purchase it in the Premium Shop at a 20% discount

VII Krupp-Steyr Waffenträger

A 10-day rental of the Krupp-Steyr Waffenträger, a Tier VII German tank destroyer, plus the opportunity to purchase it in the Premium Shop at a 20% discount


5 missions for x5 XP when victorious


5 Cases of Cola

But That’s Not All

Whatever you choose, you’ll still get the following in addition:


  • The aforementioned 2D style, inscription, decals, and medal
  • 1 day of WoT Premium Account
  • 5 missions for x5 XP when victorious
  • A brand-new set of missions that offer up even more rewards


You need to link your Amazon and accounts to claim your cool free goodies. A Prime Gaming membership is required.

How to Redeem Your Gifts

To receive the two items of your choice, claim Summer Vibes and enter the game client to get your gifts instantly via the congratulatory window. To redeem additional picks, head to the Depot and click the Offers tab.

If you claim all the available items from the list, this offer will no longer be available in the Offers tab. If you no longer have active offers, the Offers tab won’t be displayed in your Depot. If you already have the offered rental vehicles in your Garage, they won’t be available to claim.

Have you followed all the steps but still not received the gift items? Try relinking your Amazon account and logging in to the game again.


  • Summer Vibes: Final Reward

From September 08, 13:00 CEST through September 27, 13:00 CEST (UTC+2)


  •  5 Large First Aid Kits
  • 5 Large Repair Kits
  • 5 Automatic Fire Extinguishers
  • 10 missions for x5 XP
  • 10 directives “Increased Focus”
  • 10 directives “Focus on Target”


  • Collect  x60
  • Play a battle and win


  • Once per account
  • Random Battles and Recon Mission only
  • Only rental vehicles from selective rewards

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