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    1. Unfortunately it’s a complete fake tank. After the war the Matlida’s served for awhile in the Australian territorial army and eventually they were sold off. From what I understand is that many of these tanks were damaged or wrecks and collectors purchased them and restored them by cobbling all sorts of stuff together. This is what this tank is based upon. WG should have used the Canadian Ram I for the tier four tank.

      1. turns out it is not completely fake, it is simply based on a failed “restoration” of a Matilda tank in Australia, there is a photo of a Matilda with a modified M8 HMC/LVT turret and some kind of barrel extension

        the problems are several:
        » turret seems to be from a LVT(a)-5, not the original M8 HMC/LVT(a)-4 we see modelled above
        » turret seems to be fully enclosed due to the presence of a commanders hatch with viewports
        » it was not unusual to see LVT(a)-5’s equipped with armored roofs, those were of similar design to the ones from the M10/M36 armored roofs, not like the one in the photo
        » barrel extension clearly smaller than a 75mm M3 barrel, both in length and thickness

    2. I never understood British Infantry tanks. The Germans put a short 75mm in the early PzK IV for infantry support. The British put 2pdrs (40mm) with no HE round (and at 40mm how useful would it be?) in tanks designed to support Infantry.

      1. that is because you did not do enough research, the British had always made a variant armed with a short 76mm/3in gun from their interwar tanks onwards

        » Matilda II Mk IV Close Support (QF 3in howitzer)
        » Valentine III CS (QF 3in)
        » Tetrarch I CS (QF 3in)
        » Covenanter Mk.I/II/III/IV CS (QF 3in)
        » Crusader I/II CS (QF 3in)
        » Centaur IV (95mm howitzer) – (Cromwell with weaker engine)
        » Cromwell VI/VIII (95mm howitzer)
        » Churchill I (hull mounted QF 3in)
        » Churchill Mk.II CS (QF 3in and 2pdr swaped)
        » Churchill V/VIII/XI (95mm howitzer)
        » Cruiser Mk.I CS (94mm howitzer derived from QF 3.7in mountain gun)
        » Cruiser Mk.II A CS (94mm)

        additionally they also built variants armed with the QF 75mm, that gun could fire the same ammo as the Sherman meaning it could fire the highly effective HE shell the Sherman fired, those include

        » Valentine
        » Centaur
        » Cromwell
        » Churchill

  1. Useless TD tank with strong hull armor and shitty turret in a package capable of 15kph – gg

  2. I don’t often talk about World of Tanks these days, but sometimes you just have to. Here we see the latest wheeze from WG. A LVT turret on a Matilda chassis. Look there’s even a picture of the real tank! Must be true right?

    Nope. After the war many Matilda chassis had their turrets removed and were sold to farmers as tractors. A few survived and were kept as gate guardians. To complete them the owners found whatever surplus turrets they could and lobbed them on. That’s the source of the ‘Matilda LVT’. Problem 1: The turret ring of the LVT(A)4 is 54.4 inches, or 138cm. The turret ring of a Matilda is 54inches, or 137cm.

    The Australian Farm Guardian is also the source for the famous Staghound turreted Matilda. Which we talked WG out of including in game many many years ago…

    David Lister, Facebook 3 September

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