10 thoughts on “M4A2 T-34 In-Game Pictures

  1. when you thought that WG couldn’t get any dumber…
    I just hope that the consoles’ WoT mercenaries bullcrap doesn’t make it into the PC game’s standard game modes. this trash kinda looks like it.
    if we’re lucky, it will be only for another lackluster halloween mode.

  2. T-34 turret ring diameter = 1380mm (1.38m)
    T-34-85 = 1600mm (1.60m)
    M4A2 = 1750mm (1.75m)

    and yet the render makes it look like it is just the perfect size
    the turret basket would leave a gap that would need to be filled (basically welding a new narrower ring) but there’s no sign of that, I know that earlier in the war “quality control” was not a priority for the Soviets but even them would understand they can’t just fit a turret from a T-34 to the existing turret ring of a M4A2, it would be easier for them to change the American 75mm or 76mm for a Soviet 85mm S-53 gun

    1. A proposal. A mere theoretical suggestion
      If the hulls are modified from the start it makes sense.

      It’s not a improvised prototype or so

  3. lol WG have no more tanks to make so they copy and paste random tanks together and make collectors pay for them with real money

  4. Another fake tank created by WG. And this is a blatant disregard of the sanctity of the STC designs and should be considered tech heresy. The Russians did mount a 85mm gun in a T-34 tank in a model 43 turret, but it did not work out because the turret is too small. Apparently the actual prototype or at least a reconstruction of it still exists as a war memorial.

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