WoT EU Monthly Rundown: September Specials and Surprises

September brings with it the end of summer and the start of fall. Days are getting shorter, leaves are slowly changing color, and exciting events are happening in World of Tanks! Get ready for classic missions like XP Fever, highly anticipated events like Tankfest, fierce fights in Frontline, and more!

Let’s sneak a peek at some of the activities in September.

Please note that the monthly rundown is not a comprehensive overview, and some details may change.

Specials and Events

x2 Crew XP Multiplier

From September 3 through September 6: This special does precisely what it says it does: Get double the Crew XP you earn in battle. It’s a nice added boost that your crews will surely appreciate!


Extra Crew Experience

Top of the Tree

From September 5 through October 5: A dangerous line of fast autoloaders takes the spotlight at the beginning of September. The French tank destroyer line consists of a unique collection of vehicles that takes you from the iconic Renault FT to the mighty X AMX 50 Foch B .

From September 20 through October 20: It’s big. It’s bulky. It’s a German classic! The iconic super-heavy X Maus slowly pulls into the spotlight at the end of September. Explore one of the oldest Tech Tree branches in the game and discover some enormous tanks that never actually saw the battlefield.

XP Fever

From September 10 through September 13: The classic special with heaps of XP as rewards is back. Jump into the driver’s seat of your favorite Premium and Tier X vehicles, and earn up to 87,000 XP in one day.


A True XP Frenzy

Tank Wars: Round 5

From September 10 through September 20: Get ready for the next rumble between iconic tanks and earn 3 days of WoT Premium Account, cool skins, and more! We won’t reveal the contestants just yet, but the clash will be a special Tankfest edition—and definitely an epic one.

Tankfest Special

From September 17 through September 20: Celebrate your love for massive machines with World of Tanks and The Tank Museum all weekend long with an exciting live stream and in-game special with outstanding discounts!


x4 XP for Every First Win

Tankfest Live Stream

On September 19: It’s the Year of the Sherman at The Tank Museum in Bovington, U.K., and we’re celebrating this iconic and influential vehicle line during Tankfest 2021. Tune in for a day at the museum with historical excursions, exclusive peeks behind the scenes, giveaways, Twitch Drops for guaranteed in-game rewards, and more!

Frontline: Stage 2

From September 20 through September 27: The next Stage of this epic game mode will once again push you to the limit. Get ready to storm enemy defenses or work as a team to halt the onslaught and send opponents back to the Garage.


x2 XP Multiplier

From September 24 through September 27: A simple yet worthwhile special to double the XP you earn for a win. Roll out and climb up the Tech Trees.


Double XP = Double the Fun

Ongoing Activities

[LAST CHANCE] Battle Pass Season V

Until September 6: The latest Battle Pass adventure with Jean-Marc Lemartin, Katarzyna Chodkiewicz, and Douglas McReed is almost over. This is your last chance to follow them deep into the jungles of South America to uncover a secret and collect the final Battle Pass Points! Complete all Stages to earn great rewards, and make sure to unlock all levels of the exclusive progressive styles for the X AMX 50 B , X CS-63 , and X FV217 Badger .


[NEW] Referral Program 2.0

From August 26, 2021: The eighth season of the Referral Program is here! The rewards for Recruits have been entirely reworked, making them even more helpful for newcomers than ever before. It’s the perfect time to invite a friend to World of Tanks. Team up to complete individual and Platoon missions, and collect all the valuable in-game goods!

We also added two Premium vehicles to the list of possible reward tanks:

  • The VI Pudel , a Tier VI Polish medium tank (reward for Recruits)
  • The VIII STA-2 , a Tier VIII Japanese medium tank (reward for Commanders)

Show your Recruit the ropes in World of Tanks, share your best battle tactics, and teach them your best maneuvers!


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