Crew 2.0: What’s On The Horizon?

Source: EU Portal

First of all, we express our sincere gratitude for your engagement in testing Crew 2.0 in the Sandbox. Thank you very much for your feedback, time, and involvement. Participation of the community in the Sandbox and your input across all online platforms, enabled us to collect a significant amount of data and feedback.

What’s going on right now?

As of now, no decision has been made regarding the future of Crew 2.0. Currently we continue to process the data we have collected that will help to guide our future decisions. We have a lot to do, and we will be updating you on further developments as we work out specific solutions.

What’s next?

One thing you can be certain of—the new crew system will not be released to live servers for at least half a year.

Once we have processed all the data, we will need time to elaborate potential changes based on your feedback and collected information, then test them. All decisions regarding Crew 2.0 will be communicated and tested together with the community. This was, and still remains, the main condition for the release of the feature.

Our deepest gratitude to everyone who contributed to Crew 2.0, shared their feedback, and helped us to improve this feature.

15 thoughts on “Crew 2.0: What’s On The Horizon?

  1. Say what you will about WG and WoT (…and there’s a lot to say!), they are cautious about screwing around with things that people have spent real money on, and people have sunk a lot of money into crew retraining; that may well give them pause.

  2. Credit where it’s due, this was the right decision.

    The prestige overprogression combined with instructors being planned to be a new type of premium content was too controversial to be force-fed to the community, though always remember that majority of said community does not give two fucks about this – whatever may happen, as long as they can keep playing they’re cool with it.

    So now we can relax a bit, and see what they cook up for 2022.

    1. for me that means I can’t really dive into the game for another 6+ years until we know what the final crew screwup will look like. I won’t be able to rest easy until we see the following uptade on the portal:
      “Crew 2.0 update: Sorry for even trying, this has always been a bad idea, thus crew 2.0 will be cancelled forever”.

  3. Wont be surprised they only came to this conclusion after what’s happening in WoWS. they don’t want to add this to that fire, as they are now being accused for money laundering, since crew 2.0 is very similar to the Captain skills rework. forcing players to spend more and to create more problems and to sell the solution back.

    (Calling it now, but I guarantee that the Caliban will be “Shelved.” As they wanted players to spend money on Crew Exp. to make the tank perform better than those who did not spend money on EXP. as there are skills that increase gun handling and reload time. This is based on recent premium ship additions to WoWS. After Dead eye was released and we got ships like Flandre, which required the skill to be decent.)

    But knowing how Wargaming works they’ll just wait till this shitstorm blows over and enforce this on the players at a later date. hence why they’re saying. “We need to process the data.” rather than just tell us that the idea has been dropped, like what they said with the dropped AMX 30/AMX 30B buffs for example.

  4. Here’s another thing…Crew 2.0 on top of “Field Mods” is a lot to stomach…particularly since they work diametrically opposed to each other…WG’s eternal hope that they can wrangle the player-base into throwing lots of money at creating free XP is always touchingly pathetic. I suspect people in active clans will upgrade their best tanks and leave it at that…the rank & file of the player base even less so.

    The irony is that I kinda like Crew 2.0…though I realize that I’m in the minority; Field Mods annoy me more.

    1. Field modification is not as broken as crew 2.0.
      The only problem with field modification is that is too much exp in the high tiers.
      The bonuses it gives are okey not overpower.

  5. They will introduce it in the new year Easter. After they have milked all EU wank stains of there loot boxes and cash in Christ Mass

  6. Crew 2.0 = World of Tanks collapses to less that 20% of current player server EU levels
    the RU servers all 7 of them fall to 10% of present levels
    ((as Russian kids/ teens/ young adults mostly play WOT on the cheap as not much money to spend

    Wargame forced to make 75% of its employees redundant
    WOT becomes like todays USA Server a shadow of itself long ago

  7. I want Crew2.0
    Like new Modules and some other VERY WELCOME crew tweaks, its about time.
    You cant use a system from the beta for 10years and expect it to hold up

    We aint playing freaking Skyrim lol

  8. This is great, this years christmas specials will be THE last time I will play WOT, gg RETARDED RUSSIAN WG FAGGOTS

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