1.14: “Svyatogor” 3D Style for Object 268 Pictures

The style is treated as historical, valued at 750 gold.

Obtainable as part of the sixth season of the Battle Pass.

— ‘Improve firepower using a combination of standard and bounty armaments.’ Are they serious? Did they even see this vehicle? What’s there to improve? Maybe the view range from this self-propelled bunker leaves something to be desired, but that’s an issue for someone in the way. Any battle comes down to aim-fire-repeat, anyway. But no, they want more improvements. They say they captured some German engineer, or he defected—I’m not sure. What’s his name? Barker, Bulker… Right, Becker! They say he has a lot of experience protecting vehicles from air attacks, and we have a German anti-aircraft gun, anyway, so let’s mount it. I’m not sure about that. We don’t have room for spoils of war, and they want to put half a ton of steel on our backs. Doesn’t this German have any ideas how to improve view range? Maybe add a mast with a top? I mean, we can sink a German cruiser to get one, but it’s going to be hard to find one here on the ice. Maybe there will be none left at all pretty soon. With our help, for sure.

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