Season 6 Battle Pass: 3D Styles

A video presentation of the latest 3D styles from the upcoming season six of the Battle Pass: Centurion AX, Ob. 268, AMX M4 5.

6 Боевой пропуск WOT: Centurion AX, Об. 268, AMX M4 54 (3D-стили по этапам)6 Боевой пропуск WOT: Centurion AX, Об. 268, AMX M4 54 (3D-стили по этапам)

6 thoughts on “Season 6 Battle Pass: 3D Styles

    1. Ebrs in pubs 9/10 times are useless and serve more of an annoyance than anything, a good player in a t100 or 13 105 is vastly more threatening than someone who needs to take an entire bottle of adderall to calm their adhd running around at 90kph doing the same “left right left right do a spin sit in the back drive for arty.”

  1. 6th iteration, and we have yet to see a German tank in the Battle Pass. 0 out of 18 so far, even though German tanks were one of the two original lines. Must be a personal thing with Wargaming.

    1. No it’s legit just because they always get styles, all 4 of the top tier german super heavies have a 3d style, both tds have one, the e50m has 2, the leo has one, the tier 8s have a couple, at least these are for tanks that are less played and in the case of the 268, very much deserve a style.

  2. Why do most 3D styles have ridiculous antiair gun mountings? The Cent has an understandable Fury-style HMG, but why does the M4 54 have a quad on the turret on a standing mount? And the 268 has a full-blown autocannon blocking the engine deck exhaust?

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