Frontline Regulations

Frontline is one of the most exciting modes in World of Tanks, which is available during its Season only. You can fight in Frontline using Tier VIII and IX vehicles exclusively. Join massive 30×30 battles to use Combat Reserves, try out respawn mechanics, and take advantage of Resupply Circles!

To switch to Frontline mode, click the mode selection menu to the right of the Battle! button and select Frontline. The Frontline icon appears in your Garage.

Season Period

Frontline consists of four week-long Stages, and runs from August through November 2021. The mode is not available between Stages.

Frontline has ceasefire periods, when the mode is unavailable during the current Stage, between 02:00 and 05:00 (UTC+2).

The dates of Stages will be announced in our web portal news.

General Overview

  • Battle format: 30×30.
  • Vehicles: Tier VIII and IX vehicles. However, you can initially enter battles in Tier VIII vehicles only. Tier IX vehicles become available to both teams once any base of the second line is captured.
  • Objectives: five high-caliber guns at the rear of the defending team’s territory. The attacking team must destroy three of them. The defenders must protect these objectives repelling enemy attacks until the battle time elapses.
  • Maps: Normandie and Kraftwerk.

Mode Rules

Frontline battles follow special rules that differ from those of Random Battles. Below, you can find detailed information about the tide of battles and key mechanics of the mode.

Tide of Battles and Main Objectives

Combat takes place on one of two maps: Normandy or Kraftwerk. The total area of any map is 9 square kilometers. Each map provides three horizontal lines:

  • The first line (sectors A, B, and C). This is where both teams are located at the beginning of the battle. The teams are evenly distributed across the line: 10 vehicles of each team are based in every sector.
  • The second line (sectors D, E, and F). The battle proceeds to the second line once the attacking team captures at least one base of the first line.
  • The third line (not divided into sectors). The main objectives, high-caliber guns, are located here. To access this line, the attackers must capture any sector of the second line.
  • Normandie
  • Kraftwerk

Each sector of the first and the second line has a base. When the attacking team captures a base, they take control of the entire zone, and the next sector (vertically) becomes available for attack.

For example:

Once the base in sector A is captured, the attackers can start combat actions in sector D. They will get access to sectors E and F after capturing sectors B and C correspondingly.

Special rules of base capturing in Frontline:
  • Causing damage to a vehicle capturing a base or to its modules does not reset capture points but only stops the capture progress of this vehicle for 5 seconds.
  • To reset capture points of a vehicle capturing the base, destroy this vehicle or force it to leave the base circle.
  • Upon reaching a certain number of base capture points, you no longer earn experience. This restriction is aimed at preventing potential abuse of the mechanics.
Captured sectors cannot be retrieved.

Once a sector has been lost, the defenders have 1 minute to leave it. When the time is over, all the defenders’ vehicles in the captured zone are destroyed by an airstrike.

Respectively, vehicles of the attacking team are destroyed by an airstrike in the following cases:

  • If they enter a zone of the second line without having captured the previous sector of the first line
  • If they enter a zone of the third line when no sectors of the second line have been taken by them

The more bases of the first line are captured, the fewer points are required to capture the bases of the second line.

Number of captured bases of the first line Number of capture points required to take a base of the second line
1 450
2 250
3 150

Objective Characteristics

Once attackers capture at least one sector on the second line, they can proceed to the third line and attack the main objectives—five gun turrets. All objectives share the same characteristics:

  • Durability: 3,600 HP.
  • Roof and frontal armor: cannot be penetrated or damaged with HE shells
  • Side armor: 210 mm
  • Rear armor: 90 mm
  • Vulnerable points: door (70 mm) and ventilation (25 mm)

The high-caliber guns do not rotate or move but can spot enemy vehicles. Their maximum view range is 445 meters. They can transmit information about enemy positions to all allies because their Signal Range is unlimited.

Battle Duration

The basic battle duration in the Frontline mode is 12 minutes. Effective actions of the attacking team can extend this time. A captured base adds 2 minutes to the battle duration. Capturing the last base adds 4 minutes.

For example:

The attackers captured 5 bases (A, B, C, E and F). Therefore, the battle duration has increased by 10 minutes and is now 22 minutes. Capturing base D will add 4 more minutes to the battle duration totalling 26 minutes.


Additional time starts if the battle time runs out and at least one vehicle of the attacking team is capturing a base.

The maximum overtime duration is 90 seconds. If the attackers fail to capture the base during this time, they lose.

Overtime ends earlier in the following cases:

  • Base capture points are reduced to zero
  • None of the attackers is capturing a base

Frontline Vehicles

During this Season, you can fight in Frontline in Tier VIII and IX vehicles. Initially, you can select only Tier VIII vehicles to enter a battle, but Tier IX vehicles can also be prepared in your Garage. Once the attackers capture any sector of the second line (D, E, F), both teams can select their Tier IX vehicles when respawning in the battle.

To participate in Frontline, you need to have at least one Tier VIII vehicle in your Garage. However, for a more enjoyable game experience, it is desirable to have more Tier VIII and IX vehicles. Having several vehicles of both tiers allows you to quickly respawn in the battle after your vehicle is destroyed. Moreover, you will also be able to switch to Tier IX vehicles once a base of the second line is captured.

Rental Vehicles

If you do not have enough Tier VIII and IX vehicles, you can rent them in the in-game Store via the  (Best) section.

There are 2 types of rental:

  • Rental for a Stage. In this case, rental vehicles are available until the end of the current Stage.
  • Weekend offer. This becomes available two days before the end of the Stage (Saturday and Sunday). This offer allows you to rent a vehicle for the remaining two days and the entire next Stage. So, the rental period can be 8 or 9 days.

The price is the same in both cases.

Vehicle Tier Price
VIII 240,000
IX 320,000
Tier VIII rental vehicles:

Tier IX rental vehicles:

Besides renting vehicles for credits, you can also receive rental Tier IX vehicles for reaching certain Frontline Tiers:

Rental vehicles received as a reward are available until the end of the Stage.

All rental vehicles listed above are replicas of the corresponding researchable vehicles in their top configurations. They can be used in Frontline only. Rental vehicles are available even if you already have the original version of the vehicle. So, you may, for example, have two identical tanks in your Garage—the T-44 and the T-44 FL.

Rental vehicles are offered with temporary slots and crews trained to 75%. You can transfer crew members to a rental vehicle of the same nation and type for free and without the need for retraining.

End of Rental Period

When the rental period is over, the vehicle remains in your Garage but you cannot fight in it anymore.

You can remove this vehicle from your Garage. To do so, right click the vehicle on the vehicle panel and select Remove. The vehicle is removed with its slot, any mounted equipment is sent to the Depot, and the crew members are accommodated in the Barracks. Earned Combat XP is distributed among Tier I vehicles of the same nation as the removed vehicle.

Combat Reserves

In Frontline battles, you can use various Combat Reserves which grant you various bonuses.

All Combat reserves are divided into three categories:

Attack Reserves

Recon Reserves

Tactical Reserves

A Combat Reserve can be mounted into a slot of the corresponding category only. Vehicles of all types have one slot of each category. However, each vehicle type features a distinct slot configuration.

Slot 1 Slot 2 Slot 3
Light Tanks and SPGs
Medium Tanks
Heavy Tanks
Tank Destroyers
Slots unlock gradually in battle as you reach new ranks: the first slot is available from the start, while the second and third slots unlock upon reaching the Sergeant and Lieutenant ranks, respectively.

Reserves can be improved during the battle. The Reserve in the first slot is improved after reaching the Captain and Major ranks, and the Reserve in the second slot upon reaching the General rank. The Reserve in the third slot cannot be improved. It always has the effect of the first level regardless of your rank.

For example:

You entered a battle in the HWK 12 light tank with the following Combat Reserves mounted:

  • Smoke Screen (Recon Reserve, Slot 1)
  • Inspire (Tactical Reserve, Slot 2)
  • Artillery Strike (Attack Reserve, Slot 3)

At the beginning of the battle, you can only use Smoke Screen. Inspire will unlock after reaching the Sergeant rank, and Artillery Strike upon reaching the Lieutenant rank.

The Smoke Screen will be improved twice: to the second level when you reach the Captain rank and to the third level once the Major rank is reached. Inspire will be improved to the second level when you reach the General rank. Artillery Strike cannot be improved as it is mounted into the third slot.

Maximum Reserve Level by Vehicle Type

Activating Combat Reserves

When a Frontline Stage starts, all players have one Reserve of each category:

  • Recon Flight
  • Inspire
  • Artillery Strike

To get access to other Reserves, you need to activate them using Combat Reserve Points that are awarded for reaching Frontline Tiers.

To activate a Reserve:

  1. Click the Frontline icon in the Garage.
  2. Go to the  (Combat Reserves) section.
  3. Select a Reserve and click Activate.

Reserves remain activated until the end of the current Stage. To use them during the next Stage, you will need to activate them again.

Mounting Combat Reserves

If you want to use Combat Reserves during a battle, you have to mount them into slots before the battle starts.

Recon Flight, Inspire, and Artillery Strike are mounted onto all Tier IX vehicles by default. However, you can replace them with other Reserves.

To mount a Reserve:

  1. Click the corresponding slot of the selected vehicle.
  2. Select a Reserve and click Apply.

Only activated Reserves can be mounted into slots.

Respawning in Battle

If your vehicle is destroyed in Frontline, the battle is still not over for you. You can respawn on the battlefield and continue fighting.

Once your vehicle is destroyed, the Respawn screen opens where you can select a new vehicle in which to return into battle. The same vehicle can also be used for respawning but only after at least 7 minutes have passed since it was destroyed.

When the battle starts, you have one vehicle for respawning in your reserve. Every 5 minutes, one more vehicle is added. The reserve can hold a maximum of 2 vehicles. If your vehicle is destroyed and you run out of vehicles in your reserve, you need to wait until new vehicles are delivered. After that, you can select a vehicle and get back to the battlefield.

The total number of respawns is not limited.

Besides a vehicle, you also need to select a respawn point to return to the battle. You have several points to choose from. The respawn points where you are more likely to meet an enemy are marked with a special icon .

You cannot respawn in a sector where there are 12 other allies are already fighting.

Playing in an SPG, you are also unable to respawn in a sector with another allied SPG.

The respawn mechanics allow you to quickly move to another sector, for example, if you want to support your allies on the opposite flank. To go to the Respawn screen, press and hold J for 15 seconds. Note that your vehicle is self-destroyed in this case.

Resupply Circles

Resupply Circles are located on every line. There, you can restore vehicle hit points, repair damaged modules, treat all injured crew members, and resupply ammunition.

Resupply Circles are common to all players. There can be several vehicles in a Resupply Circle simultaneously.

A Resupply Circle is temporarily unavailable in one of the following cases:

  • Once your vehicle is fully restored, you cannot use the same Resupply Circle during the following two minutes.
  • Your vehicle receives damage in a Resupply Circle. In this case, the Resupply Circle becomes unavailable for 5 minutes.
If a Resupply Circle is unavailable to you, other battle participants can still use it.

After a battle, you are charged the full cost of the restored vehicle hit points, but no more than 100% of the vehicle’s durability. This rule is applied to destroyed vehicles as well.

For example:

You used a Resupply Circle three times during a battle and restored 20% of your vehicle hit points each time. Therefore, you restored 60% of your vehicle HP and paid for it.

Your ally restored 60% of their vehicle hit points twice. However, they paid for 100% of hit points, instead of 120%. Thus, repairs over the vehicle’s full durability are free of charge.

You are charged for all shells spent in battle. In this case, if the number of spent shells exceeds the ammo rack capacity, the cost of additional shells is deducted from your battle income.
For example:

The ammo rack capacity of the LT-432 is 50 shells. Fighting in this tank, you resupplied ammunition in Resupply Circles and spent 70 shells total. The cost of 20 shells is deducted from your battle income, and the cost of the remaining 50 shells is charged during repairs.

Resupply Circles do not affect consumables. As in Random Battles, they are removed after a battle if they were used at least once.

Economy Features

Since the rules for Frontline battles differ from those for Random Battles, the economy of the mode has its own features as well:

  • The repair cost of a vehicle is irrespective of how many times it was destroyed during a battle. If your vehicle is destroyed several times, you pay the same as if it was destroyed just once.
  • Credits are earned according to Random Battle formulas. However, a multiplying coefficient for credits in case of victory is not applied in Frontline. Instead of this, you additionally get 30,000 for victory and 10,000 for defeat.
  • Depending on your rank reached in the battle, additional coefficients for experience are applied. As in Random Battles, you get a 50% bonus to your base experience in case of victory. This bonus does not affect your rank and Frontline Experience. It is distributed among all vehicles that you used during the battle depending on your performance in each vehicle.

All the rules mentioned above apply only if you fight for your team until the end of the battle. If you leave the battle before it is over, additional bonuses for credits and experience are not applied, and the cost of all repairs is charged in full.

In case of technical issues, you have 5 minutes to return to the battlefield and get all additional payments based on battle results.

Personal Reserves, Battle Payments reserve, and an increased income of Premium vehicles are applicable in the Frontline mode.

Progression in Frontline

Frontline features a system of six ranks. You start a battle as a Private and progress through ranks during the combat. The rank progression depends on the amount of earned experience that, in turn, depends on your efficient actions (capturing or defending bases, destroying main objectives). The total experience earned across all vehicles you used in the battle is counted.

The more experience you earn, the higher your rank becomes. The final rank at the end of the battle provides you with Frontline Experience and a bonus to Combat Experience. This bonus is applied to the total base experience earned across all vehicles you used in the battle.






Frontline Experience 0 150 350 600 900 1,200
Bonus to Combat Experience 0 +10% +25% +50% +100% +200%
Earning Frontline Experience allows you to increase your Tier within the current Stage. There are 15 Tiers in Frontline. Reaching each new Tier brings you rewards.
You start every Stage at the first Tier.

Frontline Experience to reach a new Tier

Tier Frontline Experience to reach the Tier
1 0
2 400
3 500
4 600
5 700
6 800
7 1,000
8 1,100
9 1,200
10 1,300
11 1,400
12 1,500
13 1,600
14 1,700
15 2,000

Battle Pass Points and Other Rewards

Fighting in Frontline, you earn various rewards not only for reaching new Tiers, but also for your battle performance.

Battle Pass Points

Just like in other modes, the number of Battle Pass Points that you can earn in Frontline depends on the battle results and your rank in team results by XP earned.

Your rank in team results by XP earned Points for victory Points for defeat or draw
Top 5 25 10
Top 20 10 5
Besides earning Points for battle results, you also receive 20 Battle Pass Points for reaching each Frontline Tier.

Points received in Frontline do not affect the Point Limit of a vehicle. You can earn Battle Pass Points in Frontline even after the Point Limit is reached.

Rewards for Frontline Tiers

In addition to Battle Pass Points, you are also awarded directives and Combat Reserve Points for increasing your Frontline Tier.

Upon reaching the second and the fifth Tier, you receive the M46 Patton FL and the Conqueror FL for rent correspondingly.


In Frontline, you can get the following directives:

Vent Purge

Exhaust Insulation

Stabilizer Greasing

Fuel Filter Replacement

Orderly Ammo Rack

Polished Lens

Combat Reserve Points

Combat Reserve Points are used to activate Combat Reserves. The  number of Combat Reserve Points that you receive depends on the Tier you reach:

  • Tier 5, 10 and 15: 3
  • Tier 2: 2
  • All the remaining Tiers: 1


A badge is awarded for reaching the maximum Tier in all four Stages of the current Season.

Rewards for Battle Performance

You can receive the following rewards for your effectiveness in battle:

Master Striker

As an attacker, earn a total of 100 base capture points or destroy an enemy main objective.

Iron Shield

As a defender, cause 1,800 HP of damage to vehicles in base circles or within 150 meters of the main objectives.

General of the Army

Be the player with the highest XP at the end of the battle and reach the General rank.

Supreme Gun

Awarded to players who caused and assisted the highest amount of damage during a battle (at least 10,000).

Small Army

As a Platoon, destroy a total of 20 or more enemy vehicles. Each Platoon member receives this award.

Frontline Soldier

Achieve the highest Tier in the Frontline game mode.

Performance in the Mode

Frontline requires more system resources than Random Battles. This is due to several key factors that are specifically related to Frontline, including the map sizes, the large number of objects and vehicles on them, as well as the use of Combat Reserves. Players with low-spec CPUs and graphics cards may experience some performance issues when playing in Frontline. To avoid them and play with maximum comfort, change the graphics settings in your game client in accordance with the capabilities of your computer.

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