Update 1.14: release date

The launch of the new update in all regions is scheduled for next week:

ASIA: August 9;
NA: August 10;
EU: August 11;
RU: August 11;

For this reason, two new mod folders will be created: ./mods/ and ./res_mods/

13 thoughts on “Update 1.14: release date

    1. Field mods should come with this patch, IIRC it was in the notes for CT 2.

  1. So they are going ahead with crew 2.0 wankers!
    I m going to quiet this game beilieve

    1. Ps. Stagnation is death. Just saying
      The game isn’t ugly anymore annd overall works fine.

      Announcing it’s death every couple week s … It’s getting old.

      1. i dont care if the game is “ugly” and saying it overall works fine is referring to what exactly? it doesnt crash on my PC, right. awesome!

        stagnation is death is also very true but if WG wants to bring some fresh air to the game how about some proper balancing? what the fuck. i seriously dont get people who say “oh thats nice. something new :D” to every piece of bullshit they add to the game.

      2. Stagnation is death.

        So is bad change.

        Decades ago Coca Cola tried to rebrand itself to boost sales. Said rebranding was received so badly it is still considered a major commercial failure.

        Did they reinvent themselves from the ground up? No, it was the usual soft drink with a slightly different flavor and with new packaging. And yet the consumer reaction was both strong AND negative.

        WG is doing kind of the same with sCrew 2.0.

        Do we need some crew polishing? Yes. Removing different crew layouts and changing them into a single commander that can drive multiple tanks at once is great, as is making Sixth Sense and arty warning into “free” skills, as well as doing away with basic qualification so a fresh crew will at least have complete mastery of the tank and will not nerf its base stats.

        Do we need stat overboosting? No, because the game cannot support it. A heavy tank with 500 metres viewrange, 4k DPM and the mobility of a medium cannot possibly be good on maps as small as those we have in the game. Heck, even on FL maps it would be a trash idea.

        WG is trying to force feed us a model that could work in stuff like Fate/Grand Order (have a look on YT, content creators make videos where they beat endgame bosses in ONE TURN, and at least Fate is a PVE game), but is completely out of place in a game like World of Tanks.

    2. gosh, these Ghostbusters 2016/Rise of Skywalker/Fallout 76/Diablo mobile-fans are everywhere these days.
      You just don’t geit it, do you? There is enough feedback in the WoT forum showing how players would want the game to make it worth their time and money. Implementing more credit sinks and balancing issues was not on that wish list.

      1. The only feedback WG cares about is what comes from RU, the other servers are to RU what the satellite states were to the Soviet Union.

        And I hear RU players like this stuff, so that’s where WG gets their “70% of the community likes this” propaganda.

    3. No those of us who thought Equipment 2.0 was a good thing, will tell you that in the present state on the two sand box servers so far Crew 2.0 has been simply atrocious. WG got most things right with Equipment 2.0 and yet Crew 2.0 seems with it’s present iterations to have got so much wrong. Crew needs a few revisions, and new additions. But Crew 2.0 in it’s current state is a car crash.

  2. The problem is players that have been here for 10 years and have every tank don’t play so much and don’t make WG money.
    WG fucked themselves by pushing new and other players to the top tiers with xp and events etc as it now means no grind which means less games played and no need for premium account.
    So they introduce crew 2.0 which means cash or long grinding for new and old players.
    So crew 2.0 will happen and in November

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