🇨🇿 Škoda T 56 Soon Available on NA

The Škoda T 56, the new Czechoslovak premium tier VIII heavy tank will go on sale on the American server from 11 to 23 August. Taking into account the fact that it is a heavy tank, the price of the vehicle may range from ~ 32 € to ~ 80 € depending on the bundle.

So far, the offer applies only to the American server.
Will it also appear on the other servers? Time will tell.

6 thoughts on “🇨🇿 Škoda T 56 Soon Available on NA

  1. Does not absolutely exclude a marathon – marathon tanks are usually sold in the store at the same time – with additional missions on offer

    1. Yes, the marathon tank is sold as a single bundle that decreases in price with each completed step, but the way it’s described here it’s more in line with a standard triple offer – tank alone, tank with some goods, and tank with a lot of goods.

      My wallet is ready anyway, the last time I was excited for a premium was the Bourrasque marathon, since then I’ve not seen any premium truly worth it. 🙁

      1. The price given is pure speculation. The timing however seems to coincide with the marathon event. It seems unlikely that they will introduce two tanks at the same time – one for the marathon and the other premium shop only.

  2. Too bad for WG, won’t be getting anymore of my money since they refuse to address long standing issues with the game.

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