Stealth Buff to Artillery, WOT PC, Worldwide

UPDATE: more clarified here:


PS: I have received this piece of information from a source that was reliable in the past. Still, take it with a grain of salt.

A few days ago I received some non-official information, that Wargaming has been stealth-buffing artillery characteristics without making a public announcement to the playerbase.

My contact told me, that artillery underperformed drastically, and tweaks were applied to the tanks or the ammunition (At this point, the contact did not mention precisely what got changed).

The result of those tweaks can be observed on websites that display the gun marks requirements.

Suddenly, after the micropatch was applied 2 days ago, the performance of every arty above tier 3 started to rise significantly (still not to the old level before the massive patch).

The department of Wargaming that studies the live servers (not the Supertest or test servers) had the alarm bells ringing. And has therefore decided to a emergency buff of artillery performance, to counteract player and monetary losses.

The statistics can be seen on sites like that show the gun mark requirements.

I also noticed, that skill4ltu also got a hint of this phenomenon and published a video about this topic on 15.07.2021.

17 thoughts on “Stealth Buff to Artillery, WOT PC, Worldwide

  1. Skill4ltu has already clarified this topic, it’s not true.
    Watch both of his videos about “stealth buff for arties” before posting shit like this.
    I need useful news, not some shit shows or whatever kind of drama, thank!

  2. WG wants to use math terms to deny the changes, but my own experience shows them wrong. Post 1.13 my arty were doing about 30% less damage using standard shells only. I never tried any of the new shells. When the microoatch hit my averages bumped up by 10%.

    1. But I love the recent arty nerf. Why please the stupid arty players anyway? Don’t they know, Arty Lives Don’t Matter?

      1. That’s some of the stupidest shit I’ve read in recent times, even for a joke it’s egregious.

        I suppose I won’t have to feel guilty when I give shit to Chieftain or 279e players then, since their lives don’t matter either…

    2. I’m sorry for you very own experience, but there was no buff at all. And you should stop spread this fake news whicht is based on someone who didnt had the understanding how it works.

      All daily datas available show that nothing have changed.

  3. skill4u useless kovac farming for views
    RU forum already told that MoE will change.

    1. Not everyone can read, or wants to read that chicken scratch. So go on playing with your goats. DS

      1. Sorry that you have to get your mom to read for you. Maybe pay for an education than wasting money on pixel tanks lol

  4. When huge changes are made to a vehicle type in WoT it seriously affects the personal missions.

    The personal missions then need to be adjusted too.

    Or are they just gonna make the 279e unobtainable?.

  5. Oh come on. Even the forum tinfoils could guess that a majority of the arty players after the patch were testing AP etc vs playing hardcore clicker. Ofc the MOE dropped like a rock then. As time passed, the testing did cease and the hardcore clickers were on the run. You would think that if arty got stealth buffed, the clickers would notice vs the people that don’t play clickers.

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