Update 1.13: T-34 mod. 1940

In the last micropatch, the Soviet T-34 mod. 1940 was added to the game files. The vehicle was marked “hidden” and changed its name to T-34 L-11. According to the colleagues from wotclue, this tank will most likely be a gift for the 11th anniversary of World of Tanks.

The vehicle has a model in HD quality.

20 thoughts on “Update 1.13: T-34 mod. 1940

  1. And this is a gift? We better want the BT-SV or the Panzer II J as a gift, not this trash that will be only 1000 credits and a free garage slot.

    1. Both of those tanks suck and are meme machines that aren’t fun to play in 2021, at least with it being a tier 5 I can get like 150,000 credits for selling it

      1. Well, there should be an option to prevent players like you from getting gifts neithe, really honestly

    2. Oh yeah, all what we need in this game are more padders and scare the few new players what still are trying to play the game…

  2. At least they offer smth and if it’s a T4 it can be playable enough to master it

  3. I thought the yearly gift was to be the VK 28.01 with the derp? Or is this for another event?

    1. You think this blog gets anything correct? They are like WG – constant mistaks.

      1. Imagine the long awaited reward campaign and anniversary reward tank are two seperate events. mind=blown

      2. You’re sure it’s the blog? Guess you are not getting anything right here – T-34 is birthday present for WG’s birthday, VK is reward for long time players, as already told by others as well.

        But never see any mistakes with you, only others do them. Great attitude!

        1. That’s correct. I don’t know why people complain – WG birthday presents were always low tier (t4 is actually higher than usual)

          1. You are right. Players should be thankful for playable tanks that can drive forward and turn left and right.

  4. Tier 4, with low pen, low dpm, bad aiming time and horrible accuracy. This combo makes it the the most perfect gift tank ever. Thanks WG.

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