Supertest: WZ-113 II (Initial Stats)

The WZ-113-II a Tier VIII Chinese heavy tank is coming to the Supertest today.

This vehicle is armed with a 100 mm gun that can deal 320 damage per shot.  It has an aiming time of 2.3 s and an accuracy of 0.39. Its standard AP shells are capable of penetrating 215 mm-thick armor, and its special APCR shells can penetrate plating as thick as 265 mm. The reload time is 10 s.

The WZ-113-II boasts excellent all-round protection, It’s frontal armor can reach as much as 240 mm. This, in combination with the rational angles of its armor slopes and durability of 1,550 HP, ensures a high degree of survivability. The heavy tank can drive at a top speed of 40 km/h with a specific power to weight ratio of 14.9 h.p./t.

The WZ-113-II is a typical heavy tank that, due to its decent armor, is very forgiving of any mistakes that might be made by its Commander. An effective combination of firepower and dynamics allows this heavy tank to perform the role of an assault vehicle. The only thing that’s important to keep in mind is the mediocre gun depression angle.

19 thoughts on “Supertest: WZ-113 II (Initial Stats)

  1. So it’s a 112 with a better gun and no pref-MM?

    …that actually sounds like a lot of fun to play.

    1. But as i can test… New premium tanks pays poorly.
      Super Pershing grind credits like no other premium.
      To be honest i think 274A has lower pay than the CS-52 LIS

      1. Hmm… that sounds interesting and think that someone should make a survey about it… Its also a good topic for CC and youtube.

    1. The 112 and 113 projects are extremely hard to read. There’s close to no verifiable info on them, but the stories behind them are reasonably plausible and there’s not much reason to doubt that they were at least real ideas at some point.

      One version I read said that they got prototypes but those were destroyed in nuclear testing. That sounds like a convenient excuse, but this actually is what happened to the 59-16 so… maybe?

      On the other hand there’s pretty solid info out there that heavy tank development died immediately after the failure of the wz-111 project, so maybe they are fake after all. The idea of trying to design a heavy tank that shares as many parts in common as possible with the type 59 or 69 sounds reasonable and realistic (which is supposedly what the 112 and 113 are), but there’s no real info there.

      1. Are you sure they’re the same project though?
        It says WZ-113, not 113, and there are different chinese projects with the same number but with and without the WZ designation (e.g. 132 and WZ-132).

        But it wouldn’t be the first time that WG would mislabel a tank…
        After all, the Obyekt 279e we got is actually the Obyekt 726…

  2. -5 is unplayable
    -6 is… eh…..
    -7 is fine
    -8 is good
    -9 great
    -10 epic
    -10+ godlike

    -5 stepping on a car YOUR GUN RISES UP
    Might as well turn it into a STRV with fixed gun and without suspension!

    I bet 1000gold they change it to -5 or 6.
    you cant do -4. no way armor or anything makes up for that!

    1. you cant do -4

      WZ-120 and pre-buff 121 and 113 have/had to live with -3, just saying.

      On some maps it’s an issue, but playing on flat ground as a helping hand to the other heavies solves everything (and all these tanks have the firepower needed to do just that).

        1. WZ was an enjoyable grind tbh, in comparison I struggled much more with Object 430 which everyone and their mamma considers one of the most noob friendly Tier 9 tanks.

          I suppose we all have our blessed and cursed tanks.

    2. back in the day we used to play tanks with -3 gun depression in winter with no shoes on our feet and we didnt even complain.

      tanks that are introduced today tend to all have at least -8 and i dont think that this really contributes to a good variety in playstyles. if you just play every single vehicle as a hill critter it is just about which one is most effective at doing so instead of actually thinking about how to play the map at the start of the match. i think that is dull and boring.

      my humble opinion ….

  3. So they took the 113, reverted its turret armor buffs, detuned the mobility, and gave it a gun similar to the top 100mm used on the 110.

    Not creative, but as long as it works I’m okay with it.

    1. Yeah honestly it’s nice to see a tank that doesn’t have to have some stupid gimmick rammed into it

  4. I am playing through the SConq line right now on a recruit acc.
    The Churchill I-Black Prince have -4. The only way to play the t5-t7 is know exactly where level ground is on every map u play, and go there.
    Otherwise, you will not hit anything but air.

    To have me pay money for a tank that has -4? HA!!

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