13 thoughts on “KV-2 (R) Available on EU

  1. Who’s f….ing stupid enough to buy this with this new HE changes and for a skin only?

          1. KV-2 is laughable now. I’ve been hit for 0 damage at least half the time and then they have that long reload to exploit.

  2. I’ll buy it if it comes with the 107mm gun as an ingame option. It WAS on my buy list before the HE rework but now … eh.

    1. but with 107 mm gun T-150 is much better,,,,,,KV-2 was all about the derp gun

    2. If you want the 107mm just play the T-150, it costs nothing except for the gold to train the crew.

      1. WG throw tons of crew training books at us….so it doesn’t even cost gold to train/retrain crew

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