WoT EU: Recon Mission Suspended

On July 5, we launched the experimental Recon Mission mode, which was created to give you the opportunity to play on pre-release prototypes of game locations and choose, in your opinion, the most successful of them.

Unfortunately, when working on the matchmaker for this mode, we didn’t take into account premium Tier VIII vehicles with preferential matchmaking, and these tanks are sent into battles with Tier X vehicles. The release of Recon Mission with the current matchmaker was a wrong decision and did not match your expectations. We apologize that the mode was launched in its current format without considering such an important aspect of the game, as well as for the lack of communication with you at its launch.

With this in mind, we have to discontinue the first Stage and take a break to make the necessary adjustments to the matchmaker, as well as conduct an additional mode check to rule out possible additional issues. The mode will be disabled according to the prime time schedule and you will have the opportunity to play in it today. In the future, the Recon Mission will be relaunched as soon as the necessary changes are made. Your game progress will be saved.

Stay tuned, Recon Mission will return after we improve it!

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Source: EU Portal

16 thoughts on “WoT EU: Recon Mission Suspended

  1. wish I could say I am surprised by this…..but some things just don’t change

  2. Why not just not allow lmm tanks? There aren’t that many and if it’s only for testing who cares?

    1. I gather they did allow limited MM tanks but they were thrown into tier X battles. Like you, i wouldn’t much care, but these battles do count toward your random battle stats and i’m sure a lot of people do care about under-performing.

    2. You can be sure that you will never know the real reason of this suspension…

      1. The reason is stated in the post. Anton Pankov confirmed it’s a bug so the mode is not working until they fix it.

  3. Another grade A fuck up by Wargaming, because they are too stupid or lazy or both to actually test anything.

    1. They shouldn’t have to do much testing, it should be as simple as copying the MM code and pasting it into the new mode with modifications to eliminate lower tier tanks (if that’s what they want). If they were leaving it wide open for all tiers, then the code should have pointed at the existing randoms MM code. This is programming 101.

  4. Mah …. useless mode ….
    Three maps practically the same with a slightly different scenario.
    You’re instantly spotted by those damn wheeled vehicles to become cannon fodder for artillery.
    The concept of “passive point” is dead, and with it the use of light tanks
    Be best next time WG…….

  5. Real reason for the suspension:

    Regardless of wins/losses in the Recon Mission game mode, your global WR was getting affected and counted every game played as a loss de facto decreasing it.

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