12 thoughts on “Object 590 In-game Pictures (unfinished model)

  1. I was certain I had seen something similar before but just could not remember from where, now I’ve found it again and it confirmed my first impression, this thing way too much like the Romanian TR-85 MBT:
    » shape of extended bustle
    » position of hatches
    » half-moon shape of the gunner’s hatch (left)
    » position of fume extractor in the barrel
    » track design
    » position of panoramic sights in front of each hatch

    WG tactics have reached a new level of ridiculousness if they really had to use Romanian designs just for the sake of adding new Russian premiums

    1. You actually realize the Object 590 it’s a T-44-100 hull with an Object 780 turret, no?

      1. you do realize that I wrote “similar” and “if”, I only mentioned it looked like it
        you are also clearly mistaken if you think that thing is the Obj 780 turret, check again because the Obj 780 has 3 hatches and the bustle isn’t nearly as wide as the one on this model, then check for photos of the TR-85-M1 an tell me if that does not resemble this model
        I am not saying WG copied the TR-85, I am only mentioning how similar they look

    2. I’ve searched for what called TR-85 MBT, and I haven’t seen anything of that tank looking alike this Obj.590 unfinished model.
      You can have tons of reasons to hate WG. But in this case, you’re just being mean.

        1. xenophobia is a form of racism, but I am not surprised because racists always say they are not racist

          FYI I am not from Romania, not that it changes anything

          1. I banned him, if he returns and keeps spreading hate with each comment, poof, IP ban. My patience has ended, forever.

      1. please, hate WG just because I said those are similar?

        compare these 2 photos

        unfinished model:

        side shot of TR-85M1 turret:

        once again I will make it clear, I am not saying it is the same thing but simply it reminded me of the TR-85, and at least compared to the guy who said it was a Obj 780 turret

        WG’s Obj 780 model:

        my opinion is at the very least much more reasonable, it’s just that and nothing more
        I also searched Yuri Pasholok’s archives and he never covered it, furthermore even on blogs from the Russian speaking player community (chrome does a good job translating them) they call it fake

        P.S: I am not from Romania like that racist ignorant fool from before tried to imply, he’s clearly someone with few brain cells if he can’t just add up the time from my comment and understand that it got late and I went to sleep

        1. People who feel entitled to hurt others because they think to be holding the truth are really dangerous people.
          There is people out there capable of doing horrible things…specially nowadays.

          Take care out there

  2. ussless content from WG’s side
    this game has become the glory hole for all noobs

  3. I’ve searched for what called TR-85 MBT, and I haven’t seen anything of that tank looking alike this Obj.590 unfinished model.

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