Supertest: Obj. 590 (Initial Stats)

The Object 590, a Soviet Tier IX medium tank, is going to the Supertest.

In terms of maneuverability and armor, this vehicle is similar to other Soviet medium tanks that feature good dynamics and frontal armor. For the front of the turret, the armor plates can reach up to 200 mm, which, combined with the low profile, increases survivability. The vehicle’s total durability is 1,650 HP, while the specific power is 20 h.p./t. and the top speed is 52 km/h.

The main feature of this vehicle is its gun. The 100 mm cannon features an inverse 3-shell autoreloader that works the same way as the one on the IS-3A. The third shell loads in 16 s, the second in 13 s, and the first in 10 s. The time between shots is 3.5 s. One shot causes 320 HP of damage. Standard AP shells penetrate 225 mm, while the special HEAT shells go through 299 mm. Gun accuracy is 0.42 and aiming time is 3 s. Thanks to the inverse autoreloader, the Object 590 is ready to fire at almost any time. During moments of calm, it has the opportunity to load the whole magazine so it can have an advantage by the time it encounters the next enemy.

The combination of firepower and dynamic characteristics, in addition to the armor and the autoreloader’s peculiarities, allows this tank to cause a lot of damage to the enemy and play aggressively on the battlefield.

17 thoughts on “Supertest: Obj. 590 (Initial Stats)

  1. Yaaaay another freakin Russian Bias! Salute the new Progetto 46, with bouncy armor and rigged shots!

    1. Just buff the gun, thats it, nothing sadder than a medium with useless gun. My suggetions: accuracy to 0.38, aim time to 2.4-2.7 (depending on the soft stats), 1 second off the reload timers and 3 sec intra-clip.

  2. Garbage aim time, garbage accuracy, long shell cycling, 39 sec for a full clip, garbage hull armor on a tank that’s not supposed to snipe.

    I don’t think this looks like RU bias, but who knows how they’ll tweak stats.

    1. Garbage aim time, garbage accuracy… you forget these two things don’t apply to russian god level tanks. Looks at KV2, and every other russian tank with “garbage aim time, garbage accuracy”.

      remembers the time player was aiming at is3 side at it fled full speed across an open area, fired a shot and it did zero damage hit, the IS3 while full speed, casually turns turret, no aim time, fires, and smashes my turret front that was the only part of my tank visible over ridgeline, from 200m away.

      cues Queen, It’s a kind of magik.

      1. Can we drop the “rigged for Russian” folklore?

        RNG shots happen to any tank as long as you keep trying – it’s a matter of luck, not skill.

        Also, with KV-2 you only had to avoid hitting places that were obviously too strong even for HE, like the mantlet of a T29.

  3. Wanna bet it will have 7/10/13 seconds of reload, 250/200/150 turret armor, 120/110/90 hull armor, 0.38 dispersion values, 60 shells, 2 second intra-clip reload and 1800 HP as buffs?

    1. Itll probably join the ranks of tanks like the lorr 50t, the strv k, and the udes 03; itll just sit in limbo for a bit till they either make them tier 8 premiums, tier 10 reward tanks, or buff them slightly and use them as rewards for battle pass.

    2. I’m actually looking forward to that. Hopefully it will show up as a Battle Pass reward tank (same as the other Tier 9 premiums currently listed as MIA such as Lorraine 50t and Strv K).

  4. And obj590 be like T77 😀 sup-bar 😉

    one drum and you doomed

    (paper, no dpm, no gun handling, small turret vs fat crunchy bottom)

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