Field Modification: Sandbox Results

Source: EU Portal

We would like to thank you for your active participation in the Sandbox of Field Modification. Your endless enthusiasm and engagement enabled us to collect valuable in-game statistics and understand how you interact with this new game mechanic. At the same time, the feedback you shared with us through the survey, forums, and social media helped us understand how you feel about the feature and the areas of improvement. Now that the dust on the Sandbox battlefields has settled, it is time for us to outline our next steps. 

Preliminary Results 

Preliminary survey results, as well as direct feedback, show us that roughly 75% of players liked the key mechanics of Field Modification and were positive about the addition of this feature into the main game. In particular, players generally appreciated the new opportunity to fine-tune their favorite vehicles to their personal playstyle. Players confirmed that the new role system used in Field Modification broadly matches the main functions of vehicles, and basing modification bonuses on vehicle roles was the right choice on our end. Moreover, tankers have expressed a great interest in the ability to add a second configuration of consumables, shells, equipment, and directives, and switch between the configurations before battle start to better adapt to the upcoming battle. 

The preliminary data that we see inspire great optimism, as it shows that players grasped the core mechanics of Field Modification and found them useful for their vehicles. 

Main Topics for Discussion 

We have identified the main topics on which many players focus their attention, namely: 

  • Concerns about higher bonuses from standard modifications for Tier IX and X vehicles which increase power disparity across vehicle tiers. 
  • Improvements to parameters are perceived as excessive for certain vehicles, such as SPGs, some heavy tanks, wheeled vehicles, and some others. 
  • Perceived unbalanced choices in some dual modifications.
  • Some commanders worry about the costs of increasing Field Modification levels and purchasing dual modifications across various vehicle tiers. 
  • Questions regarding the limitations to category selection for the second equipment slot. 
  • Concerns about loadout selection being limited to the 30-seconds countdown before battle start. 

What’s Next? 

We now have a clear task before us — to carefully examine all aspects of Field Modification based on the data collected from the Sandbox and develop optimal solutions for our players. It will take us some time to analyze the numbers and match them with your feedback. We will focus our attention on the topics listed above and promise to keep you informed on future developments of Field Modification. 

We thank you for your dedication and willingness to devote your efforts to making World of Tanks a better game. Your feedback is invaluable for us in this endeavor. 

33 thoughts on “Field Modification: Sandbox Results

  1. And again we can see how WG lies. They say 75% of the players agree with the Field Modifications, when probably more than a 60% of the Reddit and Steam users said they hate this new and stupid changes. If WG just work like the old Supreme Soviet of Russia against the other Soviets, simply don’t put sandboxes and add what you want, so simple.

    But please, WG, stop lying saying 3/4 of the total like changes that actually nobody likes. One day so many people will leave WoT thanks to the stupid changes.

    1. I’m pretty sure 70% liked one part of it and they’re stretching it across the board as if we liked all of it. The only good part was equipment changes in the beginning of the match. The rest was just bad and expensive.

      1. Yea for that reason i vote i does not like, because they put to options:
        Like or dont like
        A lot of people like the idea but not with this system.
        They put the option “i like but with changes” and then they marged it with the “like” option.

    2. Because you don’t like it, everyone has to dislike it?
      “60% of the steam users” So 1000 people?

      What makes you think people will leave “this time”? (People like claim players will leave before, during and after every patch, so what..)
      It will be like always.. some will cry, the majority doesn’t even care and many will like it.
      The crying couple will continue to play, continue to pay and then cry again just when the next patch will be announced.
      Let me guess, you also dislike Crew 2.0? And yet you still play.

      I love the idea of field modifications. It will bring fresh wind to the game, just like Equip 2.0

      1. Can’t you read? He said 60 percent of both Reddit and Steam users. Also as a question… Are you a wallet warrior?

        If you like so massive changes to an already good game go play another thing. This is World of Tanks, not World of whinning retards named Syrian_Tanker (Yes, your name is quite ridiculous).

        Please, before posting nonsensical bullshit about praising fails like the Crew 2.0 system and the Field Modifications, think about what you like about the game WITHOUT THINKING ABOUT HOW MUCH MONEY YOU WASTED ON PIXEL TANKS.

        1. Nice reply on there man! But i bet he would explode himself and his crew trying not to hit the shells with a hammer…

      2. LOL u complain about a 60% of the players stating they are 1000? XD

        Pal, only the EU server has 250K active players, and by Sandbox counting, only 1000 players on the EU server tried it. That us roughly 700 players liking the modifications.

        The issue? You can’t state the 70% of the total likes a feature when only the 70% of a minimal sample likes it. If you study inferential statistics, you can see that what WG tries to do as reverse inferentiations is wrong, paradoxical and a fucking mess.

        If William Sealy Gosset was alive, he would surely flood the WG offices with Guinness beer.

        1. You what that is then, a personal problem. If only 1000 players bother to participate on the sandbox and wargaming see that 750 of the like the changes, but the rest of the 250k players on the live server don’t like them, that’s their problem for not bothering to participate.

          So it sucks to fucking suck stupid, sorry interesting and cool additions to a game that’s been stale because of players like you piss you off.

            1. Technically its swearing not cursing…big misnomer. That said I’ll never understand why people hate swear words as its the context of how a word is used and not the word itself.

              1. He has to swear or insult someone every damn comment, that is what really pisses me off.

        2. times with 250K active players on EU servers are long gone…..before the last patch weekend peak was just above 100K….post patch it about 80K

      3. Most of the people who bitch about this stuff constantly are part of the loud majority. I can very easily see 75% or more of the people who actually participated enjoying the system, cause while it needs polished it is a really nice addition to the game. This guy is just one of those dudes who’s genuinely a little baby about the fact they do anything that isnt exactly what they want and probably didnt even participate in the test, so sucks to be him.

        Glad to see someone likes the changes thou, they’re really nice ways to make something like the rino or the stii more interesting if you choose to use the field mods, while leaving the option to not use them a completely valid choice. Real nice way to spice up gameplay for some players who have been playing for a long time.

        1. You really are a butthole.
          If you don’t like the have don’t fucking play it idiot.

  2. I remember when WarGaming said that they received around 70% positive feedback for the H.E. testing, and I thought that it must be a lie. After all, if you look at the like to dislike ratio on the YouTube video for European video, you can see that it actually around 52% and on the NA version of the video, it is around 42%! But then, I looked at the the RU version of the video, and it has around 72% positive feedback.

    So it seems that this rediculous 75% number that they gave in THIS article may seem crazy to us, but to the vast majority of players (the Russians), this is about right.

    1. That has been the way WG operates, if you are not russian, you don’t matter.
      So many years and I am surprise people don’t realize this yet

  3. Everyone wants OP tank, but only small number of players have working brain and think about others. This is as selfish from player’s POV as it can get. Just give me 60KPH Chieftain and i don’t care about the rest. Who cares if new players suffer, i am here to farm them.

    And then when new players stop coming and only p2w stays it will be ‘Ah, WG, you screwed the game, it was good in 2016!’.

    And if that,’s what people want then, well, let them enjoy. I am playing only with tanks that aren’t much affected by those changes, and i don’t play that much.

    But CW will be so fucked up… And unplayable for average player.

  4. I find some aspects prrtty good like having two choices of equipment per tank (even though this will be expensive af) and tuning your tank (one minimal buff for a minimal nerf) is kind of right. But really bonuses after every 28k XP? A tiny buff for your tank every 28k XP? This is stupid, we don’t want good tanks become great, not even think about what OP tanks will become after all the XP stages, please don’t bring this toxic stupidity in the game.

  5. Its impressive how WG do the things, people want things to be balanced and they do exactly the opposite.
    thats a fkn freak recipe do everything opposite from what your players base want.
    I dont even know why WG pays their employees, the guys fail miserably even to make decent maps, its a complete agony and despair to see such incompetent enterprise working.
    “Im a brain damaged ex soviet and I think people will love some more of this missing fully aimed shots while some idiot on a soviet bias will hit on the move, and plus a Clueless team brought to you by our efficient MM who mix people with 50k battles on the account together with people on any number under 10k and on rental tanks…”
    Jesus thats disgusting, no one is asking for a miracle and then BANG its Counter Strike with tanks, just a non rigged thing with fktards rolling their clown cars.
    stop breaking the fkn game, it aint rocket science, damn.

  6. Tier X will have one more modification than the other tanks. So in a +2 mm the lower tiers are even more in disadvantage. Well done…again 🙁

    1. You still dont get it. they want yu to play only t10 and buy a premium account to keep playing t10.

  7. I’m so excited with this changes as I was with the HE “re-work”! It’s not perfect…. At all! But it will please an elite!

  8. The % of active players that went to test this crap only shows who are the most hard core masochists of the WoT player base.
    Players hate these changes so much they don’t even bother to test the bullshit Wargamming puts out.

    1. Test server is joke anyway, just RU kids spamming gold ammo and little else. HE sandbox was the same.

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