Update 1.13: release date

The launch of the new update in all regions is scheduled for next week:

ASIA: June 21;
NA: June 22;
EU: June 23;
RU: June 23;

For this reason, two new folders will be created: ./mods/ and ./res_mods/

29 thoughts on “Update 1.13: release date

    1. Maybe at the end of the year, WG is full of incompetent employees, but the rigged things still the same.

    1. Maybe not, WG is full of incompetent employees, but the rigged things still the same.

  1. The only thing that interests on any WoT and WG updates its cause right after the update the brain damaged kids cant use their illegal mods by one day or two, cause WG is too incompetent to manage the shit of their Mods politics. Fktard ex soviets by the way 😉

    1. Ah, you are one of this imbeciles that keeps messaging me after the game claiming that I would use illegal mods and/or hacks after I owned them hard.
      Why arent you venting your frustration on the official forums? Ah, I forgot, you got banned there and this is the only place where braindead idiots like you wont get banned because they cause traffic so that homoph0bic, rac!st and hateful comments are tollerated to earn money.

      1. I like what you said first but you lost me at the last part. If you don’t like the freedom of speech, go to twatter, and don’t come up with this bulls**t labeling

        1. Label for me, label for you, EVERYONE gets a label…except the righteous. OH WAIT.
          Pick a label and STICK with it I say.

          Or change your labels depending on who your audience is, and how you are feeling that day.
          Pick a minority label for the current meta.

          1. And after you finished the virtue signaling , go pat yourself on the back, because you are holier than thou.

  2. Just clicked on the post because of the comments. And I did not get disappointed.

    1. Lol me too. I’ve quit the game, but reading WoT forums is still always good for a laugh.

  3. June 23rd 2021 is the day my KV-2 retires after years of honorable service. Old friend, you will be missed. :'(

    1. Yep, i put it in the pool, if this goes to live server i think i will sell all my “HE role” tanks. Su-152 (this one just bought it this year, KV-2, 60TP, etc.

      1. Why sell them? Do you need the credits for anything in this game? Remember, we only get 15% discounts now on high tier tanks and 30% on T8 and lower tiers, so it’s better to just keep them.

        Just use your Xmas gold for barrack slots. Either if you admit it or not, I know we all still have like 20k gold left from the lootboxes.

        1. I dont bought lootboxes, actually i put little to no money to the game.
          I dont want to play KV-2 with 107 or SU-152 with 122mm for that guns there are better Tanks like T-150 or SU-122-44
          Maybe if i dont sell them i will use crew for other tanks.

      2. if this goes to live server

        It will, for it not to WG would have to admit they were mistaken and postpone the patch while they erase all the fuckups they did on the test server, and there’s no way they’d ever do that because they’d lose face hard.

        I’ll keep my KV-2 in the garage because I have a cool 3D style for it, but I’ll demount the equipment and move the crew (95% third skill) somewhere else. Maybe KV-5 after the pen buff, or KV-4 Kreslavsky when I get enough bonds.

        1. Agree, maybe i dont sell it but for sure if the tank does not work well i will use the crew for some other tank, KV-3, T-150, KV-4 are some possible tanks

    2. The HE rework is going to be very unhealthy for the game and not much fun, for that reason I wouldn’t see any of the HE-oriented tanks because it seems likely to me that WG will eventually roll this back after the HE whiners are proven to not have a good point.

  4. Whining about rigging.

    You are not THAT kind of SPECIAL to deserve this much attention… But rather the special kind of special to imagine people actually care.

    It’s also known as paranoid.
    Not to be mistaken with six sense.

    1. Everyone can see that the game is free to play and so it must be pay to win (cause you know they aint doing it for fun, its a job), and anyone with some working neurons can see the way they do to benefit those who buy premium account/tanks wich consists of rigged MM, its no mistery when you get a premium time you only hang with good or at least average players on your team, on the other way while youre free acc you will get raped like 10 matches to get 1 victory with complete clueless dumbs on your team (all of em under 10k battles playing above tier 8!).
      Im concerned if I draw well enough if its possible someone dont understand it like 2+2 aint 22, youre welcome.

      1. Strange… i buy premium time, and i rarely get good players (or average players) in my team….Most of my teammates are not good, or worse, they are bots that complain about rigged mm and pay to win bullst, and go jump of a cliff because “oH nOoO, i dRiVe sToCk obj 416 and tHe eNeMy hAve t32, bUt i’m tOo sTuPid to cAmP oR sPoT fOr My TeAm” and i have to carry their stupid asses … I guess i didn’t pay enough… Or maybe you are full of st .

        1. Must be because you cant buy skills, but even a brain damaged can realize its a balancement issue. They have ways to identify this kind of useless suicidal bots and isnt rocket science to make the MM only put then to play against their own kind instead of mixing this kind muppet which is always under 10k battles to play against 30k, 40k or 50k+ players.
          Nice try to deny how WarGaming do a buffet of clueless players to those who pay P.ACC.

  5. Worst Patch along with Rubicon. Fuck this greedy WG fucks. Entire buff to All subhumans with OP Tanks that cry about HE. Entire buff to russian Bias subhuman tanks. Die of cancer WG fucks.

  6. WoT players: “Yeah, 3 arty per game is horrendous, we’d like to only see two or one max per battle, also sometimes enemies using HE is frustrating but it is part of the game”
    WG: “:)”
    WoT players: “please no”
    WG: “:)”
    WoT players: “just don’t…”
    WG: “We WiLL rEwoRk ArtiLLery AnD HE shElls aNd wiLL buFf sOmE soVieT tOnks BecauSE thEy aRe not StroNk EnoUGh”
    Wot players: “Oh my…..”

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