WoT: 7 Premium Tanks to the Supertest

Over the past several updates, we have been gradually improving certain Premium and Event vehicles. The fourth iteration of edits is coming, which will affect several of the oldest and most popular vehicles. You can find the list of changes below.
• Decreased the dispersion during movement and on hull traverse from 0.28 to 0.25 m
• Changed the dispersion on turret traverse from 0.22 to 0.16 m
• Changed the engine power from 810 to 930 h.p.
• Changed the turret traverse speed from 18 to 24 deg/s
• Changed the hull traverse speed from 22 to 26 deg/s
AMX Chasseur de Chars
• Changed the aiming time from 2.2 to 1.9 s
• Changed the dispersion on turret traverse from 0.16 to 0.12 m
• Decreased the dispersion during movement and on hull traverse from 0.2 to 0.16 m
• Changed the penetration value of the standard shell from 186 to 196 mm
• Changed the penetration value of the standard shell from 186 to 196 mm
• Changed the penetration value of the standard shell from 186 to 196 mm
• Changed the penetration value of the standard shell from 186 to 196 mm
• Changed the penetration value of the standard shell from 186 to 196 mm
Note that the changes above are not final and may be adjusted.

35 thoughts on “WoT: 7 Premium Tanks to the Supertest

    1. Yes, 200 extra dpm wouldn’t hurt…. but the gun handling and mobility are good 🙂

      1. DPM it may not be the most important thing in the game, but still, you should have some DPM. And T34 has one of the worst DPM from tier 8s. I think is surpassed by the new 122 TM. But i agree that this buffs are good.

        1. There is Lowe also with 1600 dpm, but it has armor. However, mobility boost is better than nothing

          1. Don’t forget the buffs on gun handling, that are significative. 0.16 from 0.22 dispersion during turret rotation is a major buff. And 0.25 from 028 dispersion during movement/hull traverse is meh, but still…

            1. Yea T34 DPM is bad i know but what i mean if that they added just the dpm, they have to add more than 200 if they just add dpm and not gun handling buffs.

              1. Put the DPM and handling away, and think about how many times you got your turret top penned by someone snapshotting from the edge of the drawing distance? Yeah, its a heavy with basically no armor. It has no DPM, cant hit jackshit, and takes a day to turn around, but it cant even use its only “strong” spot, the turret.

  1. These need gun handling buffs, most people spam premium ontjem anyways. The T34 needs a dpm buff.

    1. But THEY DID buff the gun handling. Though they did buff the dispersion during movement only a little. But at least they did buff significantly the dispersion during turret traverse. And yes, they should buff the dpm too, 200 extra dpm wouldn’t hurt.

  2. I read about kv-4 kreslavskiy buff some months ago… Did it make it to main game?

    1. Currently on Common Test, so next patch should have it.
      Not that it’ll make any difference.

      And the pen buff on my Tiger and KV-5 can’t hurt I suppose…

  3. After all this years all they think CD needs is a small buff to gun dispersion? WTF :O Is this was a Russian tank would probably get a coffee machine inside!

  4. I got my WZ111, when it was introduced. Then it had 175 mm penetration and 0.46 dispersion.
    Concerning CDC … with those buffs it will be still useless.

  5. It’s nice that these tanks are getting buffs, but I can’t help but laugh at those Pen buffs.

    Because back then, when they we’re trying to rework Preferential MM tanks at tier 8. One of the ideas was to replace the guns with new or equal guns found on similar tier tanks. (the IS-6 was going to get the BL-9 gun, same gun found on the IS-3. and the Chinese tanks would get a new 122 to use. I cant remember the stats, hell it may have just been an idea.)

    But tanks like the KV-5 brought that idea to ruin. Because they would have to replace it’s gun with the ZIS 24, which was unhistorical and the vehicle was too OP to be down tiered to tier 7,and giving it the 122 would ruin it’s playstyle. and of course they would have to refund people if they down tiered it.

    It’s funny how these tanks are getting closer to that point, I personally blame the over buffing of the T26E4 for this. but when you put in garbage like the 252U in game. People want these tanks to be busted again so they wouldn’t have to buy new tanks. but Weegee is smart. just buff the gun handling and pen. leave the important stuff like DPM, HP pool, and armor as is. to trick people to buy these tanks, I wont be surprised if they remove these tanks from the store to make people panic buy.

    (funny enough this idea actually happened on Blitz for certain vehicles.)

  6. I wish they’d buff the pen of pref mm tanks just a bit more like 200-205, that way you could at least pen the lower plate of most equal tier tanks and above.

    1. Is amazing that WG gives a 196mm Gun to Pref MM Vehicles at all!

      as there supposed to be “too weak to see Tier 10 Vehicles with low 175mm pen Guns” back in the day which is how the Pref MM Vehicles came into being

      So a useful needed 200mm ~ 205mm Pen would ‘break WG Pref MM system’
      of course WG break there own rules as it suits them all the time ~ so you never know?

  7. Type 59 with its ‘buffed’ new AP Shell 186mm pen Gun this up from AP 175mm pen couple years ago

    now is left behind all these other “Preferential MM” Vehicles which now have a standard AP shell with 196mm Pen
    (yeah just extra 10mm i know, but rather have 196mm pen over 186mm pen any day, difference to use expensive Gold ammo or not

    and lol!
    that big event sale with the Type 59 Premium Shop sale few weeks ago where everyone could buy a “Rare” Type 59 very expensively bundled with Gold – must have sold many 1000,s of them

    ** you know if more and more players buy Pref MM Vehicles**
    then the +2MM system that WG creams its pants over as “most excellent idea” will soon have problems with its Tier 10 not having as many Tier 8,s to easy farm for very easy damage and loll’s

    just say

    1. Hype 59 what a joke.
      People wanted that years ago. Now .. trash xx

  8. Better dispersion on all 122mm cannons would be welcome. Those guns have always been awful on tier 8.

  9. If WG wants to cash in on the CDC, which is obviously a fake tank anyway, turn it into the French Prog46.
    It will instantly sell like Obj252’s did. Make 2 versions too, double your pleasure double your income.

  10. Very noice changes. Subtle but noticable. A bit more pen for those is just fine.
    IS6 struggles so much vs heavies, so does 343

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