Steel Hunter 2021 Schedule

Stage 4 of Steel Hunter 2021 will begin on Monday, June 7, and will last for one week, until June 14. This will be the final stage of the Steel Hunter, followed by the refreshed Frontline mode.

7 thoughts on “Steel Hunter 2021 Schedule

  1. I won’t mind playing a few games of SH, but in its current rewardless form, No thanks. The free part of BP has BS rewards, and we didn’t have to buy anything for last two years of rewards in special modes. Now Whales can just buy the Tier 9 tanks by purchasing the entire BP day 1, and those who don’t want to pay, but play, get garbage rewards in the free BP. Many have even completed the BP so for them, there is no point in playing SH. FL at least gives credits, XP and crew XP in your own tanks, even though the BP system (free portion) is BS as rewards for special modes, compared to how it worked in 2019 and 2020. WG just f’ed up all reward systems unless you pay up.

    1. I agree. I liked Steel Hunter when there were some bonds and cool camo styles available as rewards, now it’s just a needlessly annoying way to grind progress for Battle Pass which is also doing worse in the rewards department. This is not how you encourage your players to remain active in the game. 🙂

      There should definitely be at least 1 piece of bounty equipment in free Battle Pass per season since they are making desirable equipment that has no bond equipment alternative such as the improved rotation mechanism, improved aiming and the upcoming low noise exhaust system. I do spend some money on WOT but I spend it on things like the occasional premium tank or Christmas boxes so a nerfed Battle Pass doesn’t just hurt F2P players. Honestly you need free players, whales and people in between to all have a good experience and keep playing to have a healthy game.

      Honestly my advice for right now is look at World Of Warships. You can get so much free premium content just for grinding and IMO the game is currently in healthier state than WOT is. I like WOT, it helped me get through the painfully stupid year we’ve all been having, so I do hope it turns around but right now it seems like they’re trying every bad idea they have.

  2. I guess I’m a ‘Whale’ since I went wallet warrior to get the last Tier IX reward tank just to avoid SH. There I said it. Would rather spend the time playing randoms to buff the iS-7 crew. Life is too short to suffer dealing with mind numbing male bovine feces like SH.
    Am glad that Frontline is on the schedule but now I”m scared to see what WoT transmorgification did to ‘improve’ it.

  3. I don’t understand all the hatred for SH.
    It is the only gamemode that has absolutely zero element of pay to win to it. Everybody has the same tools and opportunity. It mostly depends on your skill and decisionmaking to make the best of it. Also no relying on random teammates who you don’t know will be any good at all.

    I will be very sad to see it go for the rest of the year.

    Maybe they don’t like it because it deviates quite much from the standard World of Tanks gameplay.
    Or maybe they are not good enough to get enjoyment from it.

    I don’t play it to progress or get some kind of artificial reward from it. My reward is enjoyment and it is the best I can get from World of Tanks these days.

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