Update 1.13: Season 5 of the Battle Pass

This is the introductory content of Season 5 of the Battle Pass.

Season 5 of the Battle Pass:



Lemartin Jean-Marc
– A French mechanic who worked in a car repair shop in Dijon before the war. A member of the Resistance responsible for resupplying and maintaining hardware, such as armaments and even captured German tanks. Always glad to participate in any crazy undertaking if there is a chance to improve his knowledge of vehicles.

Chodkiewicz Katarzyna
– An impulsive and active woman who demonstrated outstanding performance in battle training. Considers herself a descendant of the noble Chodkiewicz family, so she spends a lot of time studying history, especially everything related to the Polish army of the 16th and 17th centuries. She is sure that it is impossible to build modern strategies without taking the lessons of the past into account (even when considering new developments).

McReed Douglas
– An American tanker. Fought on the Western Front and took part in the liberation of Paris. In late 1944, he received an agent background and completes missions for American intelligence in Argentina where he searches for signs of German presence. He speaks Spanish and easily adapts to new environments. He dreams of finishing here as soon as possible and returning to his son Jack, who he has never really met because of the war.

Progressive 3D styles:

Four stages of progression:

3D “Charles Martel” style for the X 🇲🇫 AMX 50 B

3D “Lancelot” style for the 🇬🇧 FV217 Badger

The “Błyskawica” 3D style for the 🇵🇱 CS-63

Other Graphics:

7 thoughts on “Update 1.13: Season 5 of the Battle Pass

  1. Saw those styles on the test server, they look nice.

    But yeah, I too would like to know if there will be changes to the tanks available for expedition tokens. If Kunze is sold for 9 tokens, or if there’s more stuff available, then great. If not, I’ll sit this one out.

    1. If they add more stuff it would be okay. But removing wouldn’t be nice. I just got my 3rd token and hopefully get 9 for the Char Futur 4 by the end of the year. Not everyone has that much time to play…

      1. @Andy The fact that F2P players get no improved equipment, whereas the wealthy ones (who bought with money / gold) get THREE pieces of improved equipment is COMPLETELY DISGUSTING. At least ONCE, 1 piece of equipment for us, money-thirsty WG muppets!!

    2. People say there is a new season coming up or even two… So far, we are sure of Battle Pass Season 5. So, there is no need to spend your tokens yet. Wait to complete the upcoming season and buy the Kunze Pz if you want – a very good sniper schnitzel with no armor and BAD dpm inside the siege mode…

  2. From what I understand there will be 2 more BP this year with the same reward tanks so you can use your tokens on what you want. I got TD and have 6 tokens left and will use them on a couple of tanks.

  3. I like the AE so i got that..But none of the others i don’t care for.. The Char looks fun but i’m not into medium or light auto loaders much. The italian heavys are interesting and i can work with them. .. Looking forward to the Czech heavy line too.. If we don’t use our tokens after season 5, will we lose them or will they be kept for 2022?

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