UDES 03 3 Spotted In-game

The tank was spotted yesterday afternoon (NA time). Maybe it comes in the next Battle Pass? We don’t know.

Link to stats

Source: The_Unfriendly_Canadian

3 thoughts on “UDES 03 3 Spotted In-game

  1. So its a Udes 14 5 with lower dispersion, faster reload, higher pen and more HP at tier 9.

    What makes the Udes 14 5 a not awsome tank is 1/3 of the shots hits and pens the target and it cant duel becaus it has 0 armor and a horrible reload.
    For me it feels like this is the stats the orginal 14 5 should have.

    The question is, will it be better than Udes 16?

    1. It’s a different tank. The tier 8 has a weaker upper hull smaller turret that’s more centrally located where as the upper of the premium tier 9 has a very strong upper and a large rear mounted turret as well as being slightly slower.

  2. I saw Cmdr_AF from the NA staff play this on a live stream about 6 months ago.

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