9 thoughts on “WoT: New Marathon Coming Soon

  1. We can expect a new challenge (marathon) for a tier 8 premium tank at the end of May.

    Interesting. It’ll probably be Skoda T 56, Charlemagne or the KPz 07 (hoping it’s the Skoda here, though I also hope it won’t be clunky like Object 703-II).

  2. What’s clunky about the 703? It’s one of the best tanks tier for tier in the game.

    1. Yes. Definitely needed another marathon. WG really needed to monetize a little more ……..

  3. Beware the so-called daily deals. They are full price credit sales for consumables and equipment. Complete fraud.

  4. Good update. End of May now I can plan to not play WoT and avoid fucking.useless n00bs

  5. I don’t think the KPZ will be very survivable. Good dpm but very low alpha means will it have to expose its huge and unarmored turret for long periods of time to do any meaningful damage. I wish they’d make a down tiered Leopard based on one of the many prototypes or variants that were actually produced. It would essentially be a Lansen C with higher top speed, lower power to weight, a little less gun depression and a little better gun handling. It would be nice to have a competitive and good looking tier 8 German premium medium.

    At any rate I am hoping for the Skoda in the upcoming marathon and hopefully it’s at least a decent, playable tank. It would be awesome if you could choose between a decent single shot or decent autoloader like the tech tree tanks are supposed to have.

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