WoT on Steam – Update

We kindly inform you that after a week of being available on Steam, only 35% of the World of Tanks reviews are positive. The negative reviews keep piling up each day. No doubt, it’s a massive review bombing campaign by the former players against the game and the problem isn’t the number of negative reviews, but the fact that the playerbase is very angry.

That 35% is likely a beacon of crisis for the game, and a sign that it is far from what it used to be. We can only hope that things will change for the better.

„Happy players”

39 thoughts on “WoT on Steam – Update

  1. I’m thanful for it.. over 10 years it’s been WG giving themselves a shoulder tap for a “great job”.. there is much to enjoy to keep us playing, but so much to hate to love it.. I’m pretty sure it’s the first time people has a chance to put a review and say what they feel. We always ask: Nerf arty, nerf EBR, some maps are terrible, gold ammo…. WG – no………….

  2. Based on the comments I see with the in-game chat I’d wager a lot of the negative reviews are War Thunder shills. WOT has some issues but it’s not nearly bad enough to warrant 35%+.

    1. I dont think so, there is finally a place where WoT veterans like me can finally say “FUCK U” to WG’s face (btw I’ve never played WT, too much realism is not fun, also graphics suck)

  3. I’m just laughing at WG allowing us to finally vent what is wrong with the game. The only way they can fix this is actually fixing it or pulling the game on steam. That negative review ratings is hurting them, and I hope it continues. A nice wake up call

  4. WG: “our stats show 70% of players are happy with us ruining the game”
    70% of players: clearly are not happy with the WG ruining the game

    1. “70%” being actually a small minority who hate the game enough to even bother to review bomb the game on steam.
      At the time of writing, there’s only around 1700 negative reviews for the game on steam.
      And from the top 18 negative reviews shown (language preferences), there’s only two with more than two hours through steam before posting the review, with the average being only around 40 minutes without those two outliers. So yeah, a few people caring enough to review bomb it while baring having “played it” through steam. Five of them haven’t even “played” more than 15 minutes!

      Anyhow, this blog seems to be mostly a bunch of WG/WoT haters circlejerking to begin with.

      1. Nishi, how dumb are you? Basically what you’re saying is “they have just played the game on Steam for a short time but they’re giving a negative review”. Have it crossed your mind that these players are most likely old WoT players using Steam as a way to express their frustration with a game that they used to like very much? Because I’ve read those negative reviews and I must say that they express very valid problems such as premium ammo, bad maps, rng, clown cars, artillery, etc. Stop being such an WG ass-licker and realise that people complain because they care about the game, not because they want to be evil.

        1. I was pointing out that they’re only review bombing it.
          That is the only reason why they even bothered, and so are a very vocal minority.
          Just the objective fact.

          1. They are review bombing it because they can’t use their current/ old PC accounts with steam. WG doesn’t wanna share its profits with Steam so they are making users use new accounts for the Steam version.
            What’s funny is they don’t realize theirs a work-around for this to allow to use their WarGaming Center accounts while still using the Steam version.

      2. It was pretty obvious that most of the reviews were written by people who have played the game before, so it was only natural that they had very little play time via Steam. But consider this – in order to be able to review the game they actually had to play it via Steam for a while – the fact that they bothered to do so in order to be able to write a review goes to show just how pissed of many long-term players are with Wargaming.

        But yeah, sure, blame it all on ‘haters’ – that is exactly the kind of casual ignorance that WG has become notorious for.

        1. Nishi’s arguments are just as sound and logical as any WG employee on WG forums defending things like Bounty Equipment only for P2W/improved pass, sCrew 2.0, and/or buffing premium Progetto while nerfing the tech tree versions, or just writing off criticism of wheelies and their negative impact overall (like arty) on the game. Completely tone deaf.

      3. I have been playing the game since 2012 and getting close to 30k battles. I have also played 0.0hrs on the steam version of the game. Does that make my review or the game illegitimate because I “have barely played it” ? Because it’s litteraly the exact same game. Which is by the way one of the reasons the game is getting so many bad reviews: it’s litteraly the same game from the same launchers using the same servers, yet I should start from scratch if I want to play through steam.

        You can’t possibly be that dense

  5. EBRs, Arty mechanics (indirect fire), +2MM with OP tanks making it +3MM for some tiers (Tier 8s against 279), Shitty MM generally, garbage small corridor maps (made worse by fast EBR meta), only one regular mode (Randoms), no Frontlines, no PVE for new players to get into the game, etc., are some of the few issues this game has. Many of us still play because we are so invested with time and money, but the frustration is real. The game is less fun and more frustration by design to keep players playing for the one elusive epic win/high. This kind of BS design will not bring 80% positive reviews, because this isn’t Dark Souls.

  6. will copy here, what I wrote on this on Facebook: I am a veteran player myself – from may 2011 – i am also their target audience – being a “whale”, as I sunk about 6000 euros into the game over 10 years. I never played as much, which is why i compensated for it by money. Even though game is better in many respects, I find it harder and harder to launch it – it bores me quickly – key reasons for me: artillery (mostly punishing proactive gameplay) and goldspam with removing of weakspots (removing tactics and knowledge – no need to think, if you can push 2 and steamroll) – also I feel as being more and more pushed to pay, it no longer feels atleast somewhat optional, but just borderline predatory. Thats my feedback shortened from few pages, not saying im best, not saying my opinion is perfect, but this is it. In fact, i paid World of Warcraft subscription yesterday after several years, since its just more entertaining for me now.
    Nick: Makaan_89 – no need for anonymity, i will stand behind my opinion and gladly give my ingame nick for it.

    1. Well, WoW classic is certainly a hit, WoW in general is a super addictive game. I spent like 500 euro in total on WoT, playing since sept. 2011. With that kind of spare money, you could easily make a notable donation here instead xD

      1. I will be honest Sebastianul – its not what it looks like. Yes I did spend this amount of money, but its effectively major portion of my expenses for my fun and for 10 years. I do not smoke, nor drink or so and PC is for major part my relax method. I do believe that every person should have a part of their monthly pay for their fun, hobbies etc. and thats what I do.
        I did spend those money, because in most instances, it was actually easier for me to make lets say 30 euros there and there than to spend week, 8 hours a day grinding something. And what I liked and still like about WoT that its a game you can leave for a month and nothing happens, nothing is lost. In WoW hovewer, every 2 years theres an expansion, making your progress outdated and so on. Thats the factor which keeps me only on casual note in WoW.
        I would donate to your website, but no offense, for that to happen, it would have to be a bit more consistent, trustworthy and bit more toxic free website. I know its time consuming and sometimes hard work, but still ..

    2. 6000 euro in the game ? you cant be unhappy you gave them so much money lol you can’t spend that money in a game that you hate. now go cry in your corner. its too late

      1. I can be unhappy and no, I dont hate the game. I never said that. If I hated the game, i wouldnt care about it nor spend a cent on it. Im not crying, merely stating an opinion and giving feedback for all to see. Deal with it please or get out of my way, I do not have time for this constant bickering which people on the internet are used to.

  7. On its forum, WG introduced strict censorship of criticism of the current state of the game and the direction in which it is moving. There is no censorship of wg moderators on steam and you can see how dissatisfied the players are.

  8. WoT is on Steam now? Thanks for letting me know. Gonna write a bad review as well.
    After 10 years I finally decided to quit that crap game. And 2-3 weeks later I entirely stopped thinking about it. It was a great game but has become so incredibly bad over the last years.
    And it’s not because I suck at the game. I’m top 0,5% player even though I always only played for fun with lots of yoloing, suiciding etc.
    Bye WoT community. I won’t miss ya!

  9. Wargaming are reaping what they’ve sown. For years they’ve cultivated a toxic relationship with their playerbase through bullshit predatory transactions (they even bragged about setting up a division which studies player psychology, no coincidence with loot boxes and FOMO etc) and sales events that nowadays even overshadow the rest of the entire game. Black Market and Christmas events are hyped. Frontlines, Steel Hunter and whatever passes for endgame content these days? Not so much! Does anyone even give a damn anymore?

  10. I have been playing the game for 8 years + now and still like it.. I think it’s getting better actually But i mainly say that because of all the random game modes they keep putting in to keep things fresh … The normal 15v15 random mode is actually the worst mode of all.
    It’s good to see the new arty nerf but personally it needs to be removed.. EBR’s only the t9 /t10 and the premium t8 needs another nerf.. Frankly they shouldn’t beable to shoot and hit people on the move. Gold ammo… this is simple to hard to change without throwing out the game balance massively.. Because that is a buff to armored tanks and a nerf to paper tanks. HE changes…. really what for … if it was a problem on super large caliber guns then just nerf those.. Low cal needs a buff.. The Big problem is OP premium T8 and T10 tanks.. All of which you’re required to have to these days.

  11. They got exactly what they deserve. It was easy make auto-propaganda like North Korea, Lukashenko on Belarus (yep WG comes from Belarus too) or Trump, now they went on public on Steam and they will pay, I guess they will remove the game from Steam ASAP becasue it will only get worse. Game is rigged and blatantly pay to win, what they expected ? good reviews ? I’m going to add mine too.

  12. So you didn’t actually read the reviews?!

    The vast majority are whiners complaining that they can’t use their existing WoT account, instead of having to reroll under Steam.

    WoT Blitz has an 83% approval. Does this mean that WoT Blitz is a better game?! Please.

    1. WoT Blitz is better. No Arty, just +-1 MM, more open maps, +-5% Rng on penetration rolls, damage of high alpha guns toned down and toxic lines like Type 5 or Cheesewegde wont get introduced.

  13. I see WG trolls come here too.
    I will have to start removing some of the comments above.

    1. Sputin it’s in the House! 35% positive it’s actually “ok”. If you want to be competitive nowadays you need to spend more money than ever! This is a Pay to Win game… Free to play yes. You can still play it without spending money? Yes! But you want to be really really good and competitive? You’ll need to invest money all the time! Free to Play… YES! But don’t bulshit me because I’ve played for 8 years and …. I know how the game has evolved… Not all in a good way! Monetization is everywhere and skins are the only “cosmetic” add on! Evrything else gives you an advantage in the battlefield… Which is… Unfair. This is an unfair game…. Although it’s an “ok” game overall! Good enough to log in once a month and put my OP Premium tanks facing the sun…

  14. Haven’t touched the game since ranked, not even tried the reward tank. You can’t balance armour against 2 completely different penetration values and spamming gold doesn’t interest me so have lost interest in the game. Patch by patch they’re removing skill elements, it gets boring.

  15. the game is not perfect. but not that bad some people a crying. and why the hell they are playing if it is like hell.
    but I agree with opinion of new player, tech trees are huge for new player.

    i say it is pay for progress and not to win. you can play the game good enough without paxing. and dont forget wg is a company not a social wallfar.

    and a lot of people rate the game badly because you cant use your normal acc. who cares. i can play without steam 😀

    I bet most of the player who are crying are not more than average player or free 2 play player. they should be lucky about more player on there level instead crying.
    and sometimes I think, people should learn the gamemechanic instead of wasting time with useless posts.

  16. asia portal has update to fair play policy, and it shows 3x mods about to be banned, but are currently and have been for a long time legal…. AND THEY ARE MASSIVE CHEATS.

  17. Hmmm let’s see, most p2w game that I ever played, cancer ebr that makes every other light absolete, too many arty in a map, cancer mods (aim, tundra, ball, destroyed objects and so on). This will go on steam coments too.

    1. A and I forgot to say that beside having so many premiums that it makes me kill myself because I bought them, after black market I quit playing. I’m enjoying warzone for a bit, maybe until wot will change in something good.

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