Supertest: Vz. 55 Initial Stats

The Vz. 55, the Tier X and top of the tree of the new Czechoslovakian heavy tank, is coming soon to the Supertest.

The key feature of this vehicle is the ability to choose between two 130 mm guns. They are set up identically from the point of view of efficiency, but how they deal damage is different. One gun is standard and fires cyclically, whereas the other has an autoloader with two shells. Both guns use the same shells: standard AP with 260 mm of penetration and a special APCR that penetrates 306 mm. Their damage per shot is the same at 490 HP, as is their accuracy: 0.4 m. The cyclical gun reloads in 12.5 s with an aiming time of 2.8 s. As for the autoloader gun, it fully reloads in 25 s, and the loading time between shells in a magazine is 2.5 s, with an aiming time of 3.1 s. Both guns have decent stabilization.

The other characteristics of the new Tier X are typical of heavy tanks. Good frontal armor that reaches up to 300 mm in the turret, and sloped armor on the hull, allow the tank to withstand the attacks of most enemy vehicles. Durability: 2,100 HP. Mobility is standard for this vehicle type: a top speed of 50 km/h, and a specific power of 15.5 h.p./t. View range: 390 m.

The Vz. 55 lets you choose between two firing modes, allowing you to set up the vehicle as you see fit and comfortable. The autoloader has some similarities to Czechoslovakian medium tanks in terms of a high reload speed and good handling. Other characteristics are on par with similar heavy tanks, which means this tank can efficiently follow the objectives of this vehicle type: to lead an attack or hold a key position.

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Have a nice weekend and good luck o7

Additional Statistics

  • Terrain resistance – 1.1, 1.2, 2.3
  • Dispersion factor hull traverse / hull movement – 0.16
  • Dispersion factor turret rotation – 0.08
  • Shell velocity: 980, 1125, 863