WoT: Frontline will return

Update from TragicLoss:

“I apologize for the confusion. I misheard CabMech on stream.

CabMech stated that “FL isn’t alternating between Steel Hunter because it is being worked on and should return later this year

My sincerest apologies for the concern.”

In a recent stream by WGNA, it was announced that Frontline will not return this year. The mode is being remade.

33 thoughts on “WoT: Frontline will return

  1. Good. Maybe they’ll actually make it fun, and not a boring snorefest where everyone just camps around cap circles.

    Don’t get me wrong, this mode has potential, but it definitely needs some reworks, which is exactly what’s being done.

    1. STFU bot, you have no ideea. My colleagues working there said there’s a plan to cancel it for good, same they did with Team Battles. They are just afraid to announce it 1 off so they are phasing it out.
      WG sucks, as usual.

      1. Do you really have to be an a-hole and insult me like that? I’m simply commenting on the information given on this post.

        If it’s wrong information, then blame the article, not me.
        Have some damn decency.

      2. Same Friend that said 5 year old footage from excalibre is wot 2.0?
        I mean this news was debunked as wrong very fast (Same as „wot 2.0“) so question that remains is: how full of shit are you and what are you going feed seb so he jerks off another clickbait article.

  2. TragicLoss 7 hours ago
    Hey all!

    I apologize for the confusion. I misheard CabMech on stream.

    CabMech stated that “FL isn’t alternating between Steel Hunter because it is being worked on and should return later this year”

    My sincerest apologies for the concern.

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    1. Then just take this post down alltogether! (Shitstorms should only happen when they are actually justified.)

      1. Why? It’s a clickbait and will be excused much later when everybody has read it

  3. This mode has a huge potential, but it was somewhat bored. And maybe wg recognized it, so they trying to make this mode better. Interesting 😎

  4. When it is reworked they need to make it a permanent game mode for everyday gaming.

    1. 100%.
      FL is an invaluable tool for a pubbie that is clanless to grind silver.
      Grinding silver in Randoms is a bit tedious considering the MM.

  5. Can’t see why everybody is so keen on Frontline. The balancing in World of Tanks is among the worst of all competetive multiplayer online games, and that really shows in FL … meta tanks such as Progettos, Bourrasques, LT-432, EBR’s etc. are so utterly dominant in this game mode, it’s not even funny. Sure, WG are now modestly buffing existing other Tier VIII, and the maps will be reworked for the upteenth time, but all in all I bet it won’t change all that much. No thanks.

    1. it’s easy grind of stock tanks that you don’t want to play in randoms of tier 8 + if you play only premium tanks you can make absolutely insane profits what probably WG didn’t like…

  6. That’s good. Frontline was fun only the first month. But after introduction of EBR it wasn’t fun anymore.
    If they don’t want to nerf EBR, then they have to rework all modes.

  7. You’re waiting for Frontline and get more tokens for the news tanks next year? NO NO NO!
    Guess what: PAY FOR IT!
    You’re waiting for Frontlines do make more credits? NO! NO! NO!
    Guess what: PAY for PREMIUM ACCOUNT!
    You’re waiting for Frontlines for some extra goodies?
    Guess what: Go to the shop and PAY!

    Basically…. FU all and PAY! This is what this game is about: FREE TO INSTALL!

    1. You know companies have to earn some cash, right? Cause nothing is free today except dying and that costs your life…

    2. ???? As a F2P I CANT understand what are u saying… I play tournaments for gold, I have perma-premium account… As well I have some premium tanks from the black market (for credits) from tankrewards and from clan wars… I dont have any from any marathon because I dont play a lot… weird, dont think so? You only need to play quite good and you will have enough of the premium staff avalible in the game.

  8. what a misleading title. Jeez, really started me: “won’t return”. Please don’t use false statements as titles…

  9. This is why World of Tanks is going to shit, they take away the mode that was actually doing something for you, but why are they reworking it? If anything needs to be reworked it should be Steel Hunter.

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