Tank Brawl: A New Iteration Incoming!

In 2020, we conducted several tests that trialed Brawl mode. We studied your feedback, and saw your keen interest in the 7v7 format, which showed great potential. We’re now ready to move forward and kick off a new iteration of Brawl that will last 4 days, from April 29 through May 3.

Brawl will feature two fresh mechanics that will make your gameplay experience more enjoyable. This promising battle format has a good chance to become the basis for a permanent game mode of World of Tanks in the future, but a whole lot depends on your impressions and feedback. Join Brawl and share your feedback. With your help, we will see what the future holds for this promising mode.


April 29, 2021, 12:00 CEST through May 3, 2021, 03:00 CEST (UTC+2)

Prime Times
12:00 – 03:00 CEST (UTC+2) (EU1 and EU2 servers)

Fog of War

This iteration of Brawl introduces the Fog of War mechanic. At the beginning of a battle, teams won’t know the location and strength (vehicle types and models) of the enemy forces until they are spotted, nor will they see the nicknames of their opponents. However, you will be able to see the post-battle statistics of the enemy team.

Key Positions

In each battle, there will be one key position on the map. This is a special area which, after being captured, allows you to activate a tactical or combat ability of your choice.

The diameter of the key position will be about one third of the standard base diameter. To capture it, your entire vehicle must drive into this area and remain there for 15 seconds.

Only one vehicle can capture a key position, and its capture time doesn’t depend on the number of allies in it. The vehicle that reaches the key position first will be the one to capture it.

Key Position Capture

  • If you leave the key position circle before capture is completed, all capture points earned by you are lost.
  • If there are two allied vehicles in this area and the capturing vehicle takes HP damage/critical damage, then the second allied tank starts capturing this key position instead.
  • If two vehicles of opposing teams are simultaneously within the radius of the key position, the vehicle that arrived first will begin to capture it. The presence of an enemy vehicle will not have an effect on the capture.
  • To reset a key position’s capture progress, deal HP damage or critical damage to the capturing enemy vehicle. Accordingly, you will lose all capture points each time you get damaged while within the key position circle before capture is complete.
  • Each time the capture is reset, the key position cannot be captured again for 5 seconds.
  • After capturing a key position, there will be a 2-minute cooldown before you can capture it again.

Having captured a key position, you’ll get the opportunity to choose one of the following special abilities to activate:

Airstrike: After 2 seconds, an airstrike will be delivered to the area you selected. Enemy vehicles within the strike area receive damage and are stunned.
Inspire: Improves the crew performance of the vehicle and of all allies (20% to the major qualifications) within a radius of 40 meters for 40 seconds. If a vehicle leaves the range of the ability, Inspire remains active for another 5 seconds.
Recon Flight: Upon activation, commands a reconnaissance plane spotting all enemy vehicles for 10 seconds.
Smoke Screen: Five smoke grenades are fired into the specified area (200 x 50 meters). The smoke screen lasts 40 seconds, reducing the view range of enemy vehicles and concealing allied vehicles within the specified zone. Enemy vehicles within the smoke screen only have 66% of their view range value.
If you don’t activate your special ability, you won’t be able to re-capture the key position.

Earn a Cool 2D Style and Other Rewards!

Personal Missions and Daily Missions can’t be completed in Brawl. Instead, special daily missions will be available in this mode. To complete some of them, you will need to activate certain abilities, so you’ll have a great opportunity to try out new mechanics and get useful rewards for your contribution to testing the new mode.

Last Push

  • Use the Inspire ability

  • Once per battle
  • Once per day

Get to Cover!

  • Use the Airstrike ability

  • Once per battle
  • Once per day

Military Intelligence

  • Use the Recon Flight ability

  • Once per battle
  • Once per day

Zero Visibility

  • Use the Smoke Screen ability

  • Once per battle
  • Once per day


  • Be the top player in the battle by experience earned

  • 3 times per day


  • Destroy 7 enemy vehicles

  • Once per day
  • Accumulative

Victory March

  • Win 30 battles

  • Once per account

Orderly Ammo Rack directives

This iteration will feature a bigger prize pool which includes a bunch of directives and Personal Reserves, credits, and one day of WoT Premium Account. But the most attractive reward is a spectacular 2D style, the final prize for the most dedicated commanders.

Getting Started

Enter Brawl mode through the drop-down menu to the right of the “Battle” button.

General Rules

  • Battles take place in Encounter mode in Tier X researchable and Collectors’ vehicles only (reward tanks are not permitted). If you don’t own a Tier X vehicle, you can rent one of three available tanks (see below for details).
  • When entering Brawl via the mode selector in your Garage, only vehicles eligible for this format (Tier X researchable and Collectors’ vehicles, rental tanks) will be displayed.
  • Battles last 10 minutes.
  • Random Battle achievements can’t be earned.
  • The base capture time is 140 seconds and is divided by the number of vehicles in the capture circle, but no more than three vehicles can capture.
  • Personal and Clan Reserves can be used in battles.
  • x2 XP for the first victory of the day is applicable.
  • Just like in Random Battles, the usual game rules and terms of service apply to this mode.
  • Dog Tags can be displayed.
  • Map exclusion is not possible.
  • The Anonymizer can be activated.

Matchmaking and Platoons

  • During the event, the matchmaker will create a separate queue for players fighting in this mode.
  • The matchmaker aims to send no more than 1 SPG, 4 TDs, 4 LTs, and 3 wheeled vehicles into battle per team.
  • Only one Platoon and one SPG per team are allowed. Dynamic Platoons are allowed.
  • If the queue time is long, a Platoon imbalance is possible (for example, a Platoon of three players on one team against a Platoon of two players on the other).


Battles will take place on the following maps:

Siegfried Line




Sand River


Ghost Town


Rental Vehicles

To play Brawl, you just need at least one Tier X vehicle in your Garage. You can rent one of the following vehicles, as long as you don’t already own it:

Select a rental tank and click the “Battle!” button to storm the battlefield. All rental tanks in Brawl are exact replicas of researchable vehicles and have the same characteristics and properties. They come with temporary Garage slots and 100% trained crews.

It is not possible to enter Random Battles or other modes using the Brawl rental tanks. You can easily distinguish a rental tank from all other vehicles by a special indicator.

After the Brawl event is over, all rental vehicles will remain on your account but won’t be available any longer; they will be automatically removed together with their slots a couple of weeks after the event ends. Once that happens:

  • All items of equipment (including improved equipment) you have mounted on rental tanks will be demounted and sent to the Depot.
  • All directives, consumables, and ammo will be sent to the Depot.
  • All emblems, decals, inscriptions, and 2D styles will be sent to the Depot with the exception of national emblems. These are applied to all rental vehicles by default, so they will be removed.
  • Crews that came with the rental vehicles will be retrained for their researchable analogs and moved to the Barracks (no extra Bunks will be added for them).
  • All XP earned on rental vehicles will be transferred to the Tier I tank of the corresponding nation.

Fight side by side with your teammates to grab a cool 2D style and other rewards, Commanders!

Source: EU Portal

12 thoughts on “Tank Brawl: A New Iteration Incoming!

    1. Fog of war? Sure, works better in a 7vs7 than it can in randoms full of Steve. Not to keen on the 2nd cap circle tho and the rewards it has. It will only force people to yolo early etc most fights losing guns early. And I doubt getting bombarded with air strickes will make it more fun. I loved 7 vs 7 as it was pure and simple and straight forward with less chaos than randoms. Not anymore.

  1. Maybe they could add some Hentai crew as a reward for tank brawl?

  2. if you can’t get tokens for play, then why play?? Can’t lose time while doing BP stages. At least Ranked, Steel Hunter gave you tokens. Do you get a refund when you equip your rental tanks for those 4 days?? Hard to play stock..

    1. You don’t get refunded, but the equipment goes to depot for free.

  3. I really hope the 2D style isn’t Dazzle because that’s weak. The directives are lame too, I’d rather get bounty equipment.

  4. Maybe the usage statistics and survey results of this mode are good. WG has been trimming this mode for a long time.

    I like this mode. I feel much more contributing to the battle than the battle of 15 vs 15 battles. Like other FPSs, there are battles where “Single – handed carry” is possible.

    On the other hand, it’s still the World of Tanks. There are more players than 3 vs 3 or 5 vs 5 games. You can continue to blame others, blame the team.

    I think this mode is actually greatly influenced by the individual player’s skills. However, since “self-reasoning” is possible, fewer players turn off the game frustrated with themselves.

    Players continue to play this mode through blaming others, for the pleasure of the huge Carry game. Anyway, it’s good for wargaming. If there are many players who driving t10 tanks, their credit spending will increase.

    1. I agree its a great mode but the whole thing that makes it good is just brawling . No bs with arty taking half your hp in the middle of the fight and if there is an arty you can at least keep tracking of when he shoots . But no they have to ruin by giving every player arty they can use . Come on the whole point of this mode is to fight now just like randoms people will be hiding to avoid arty and now arty strikes .

  5. The abilities look fun, but the only reward I´m interested in is the style. 30 wins for the style… in 4 days… If you win 50% of your battles that´s 15 Tank Brawl battles a day… and if you try to do your daily missions for battlepass points that seems like too much time wasted

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