Update 1.12.1: “Ōarai” Style Set Pictures

All-season style inspired by Girls und Panzer. We can choose from 5 colors, and 6 emblems & inscriptions.

Source: wotclue

12 thoughts on “Update 1.12.1: “Ōarai” Style Set Pictures

    1. they look at least closer to actual realistic camos than any creations WG has ever shat out.

  1. Gay and lame. Stupid weeb junk. Shouldn’t be in the game and belongs in a childrens’ Hello Kitty show.

    1. bruh these camos arent even that crazy and obnoxious like the other ones. go play WT if you want no weeb shit

      1. Lady. How about you play Hello Kitty if you want to see children’s stuff. Tank stuff belongs in tank games and not Japanese cartoons.

    2. You do realize that if you don’t like them you can just ignore them and turn off unhistorical elements in-game right? And don’t forget there are people who want them in the game (me included, yes call me a weeb).

    3. Would you rather have this, or a purple, green, and yellow Foch 155 with two monkey emblems, two Soviet star decals, and an American flag decal that covers the entire roof of the vehicle?

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